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"After three minutes [using Tua Spa] my skin looked phenomenal, smooth, plumped up...

Tua tre'nd ~

As featured Tua tre'nd, the new generation toning & firming device, has a patented electrode 'facial wand' for easy application and use.

5 facial zone workouts, pre-programmed with optimised frequencies, ensure the best results.

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Tua tre'nd DVD excerpt

TR edition is white & grey with advanced features

Tua Viso ~

Reduce the signs of ageing with Tua Viso, a non-invasive cosmetic treatment for facial muscles via hydro electronic micro-current stimulation.

Tua Viso lifts, tones, sculpts, reduces wrinkles and
prevents sagging by targeting less-used muscle fibres of the face.
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Welcome ~

“As an independent skin and health expert, I want to give you honest, truthful and scientifically-proven advice about how to achieve the best skin possible using effective anti-ageing solutions. My wish is to empower you with knowledge about what treatments and ingredients are optimally suited to your skin and concerns. Tua Viso and Tua Tre'nd are non-surgical facial exercisers, which are particular favourites of mine.”

Tina Richards

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Tua Viso Workout DVD...

Meet Tina ~

Tina Richards, a leading skin and health expert, specialises in advising on natural ('no needles') anti-ageing strategies.

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