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"Just a quick note to let you know how delighted I am with my Tua Tre'nd. I'm coming up to 60 and...

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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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"I bought my Tua Viso in February. My "friend" had just had a face lift for £8,000 and she looked amazing. I couldn't afford this, but I researched the non-surgical route and decided on the Tua Viso. What a great choice I made. Within 2 months, my face looked different. People were telling me how great I looked and asking me if i had botox or restylane treatments. My lips were fuller, the little grooves either side of my nose had diminished and the puffy bits under my eyes literally disappeared in a couple of weeks. It only took a couple of days to get used to using it and I am such an expert now that i can do it with one hand while do other tasks. I even take it to work sometimes and 'do it' in spare moments.

The other thing that happened is that the quality of my skin has improved. It looks tighter and my whole face just looks more defined. I also find it incredibly therapeutic. I have a stressful job and work at my computer a lot. Often when i get home from work my eyes are tight and tired and I feel generally tense in my face, neck and head. By the time I finish my 'work out' I feel relaxed and comfortable again.

I really am so pleased that I bought it and can't recommend it more highly. My friends and family just said it would be a 'five minute wonder', but I proved them wrong and now they are all envious of my 'new' face.

Well, I could actually go on forever about it, but I think this is enough. Thanks so much for everything, I really can't remember money better spent"

Lynda Curley, 24 May 2007

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