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Your Youthful Nutrition Strategy for the Holidays – 8 Top Tips   18 November, 2014

We’re approaching that time of year again where family and friends get together for the Holidays to celebrate traditions and spread good cheer. And of course the celebrations include lots of socialising, eating, and drinking. Even the most disciplined of us struggle with all the tempting...   Read More

10 Commandments of Anti-Ageing   23 October, 2014

By the experts - as featured in Allure Magazine  Regular facial exercise is paramount for maintaining your youthful facial shape and decreasing pesky lines, wrinkles and facial sagginess; and that’s why we love Tua Tre’nd and Tua Viso so much.  But what else can you do in...   Read More

Correct Sun Damage this Autumn   17 September, 2014

Mid-September is the perfect time to start resurfacing your skin to lift away pigmentation marks and deal with any other sun damage issues your skin may have incurred during the summer months (although this should be minimal if you’ve been following my...   Read More

Barbeques are Typically Ageing & Increase Cancer Risk – My Healthy BBQ Checklist   22 May, 2014

Sorry to be a party pooper but I'm afraid most BBQs are not only ageing but also, worse, are carcinogenic. That is they increase cancer risk. But before you get too despondent I've got a great checklist for you to significantly reduce these negative effects and make barbequing healthy, so we can...   Read More

Sofia Vergara’s Fab Body Secret at 44   29 April, 2014

As the possibility of wearing shorts soon looms, I am interested to learn what exercise regimens celebrities follow to stay in amazing shape and honed body perfection. This weekend I caught an interview E! News did with Sofia Vergara, 44, who has the most amazing toned and curvaceous figure and has...   Read More

My Skincare Recommendations for Cate, Lupita, Penelope & You   11 March, 2014

Every year I enjoy the fashion and old Hollywood glamour of the Academy Awards. I love to analyse actors’ skintypes and hypothesise what skincare regimens I would prescribe for them. Here are 3 that I picked including two 2014 Oscar winners. #1: Cate Blanchett 2014 Oscar winner for Best...   Read More

Are Juice Cleanses Safe?   16 January, 2014

With all the talk of diets and detoxes on the TV and...well everywhere!... you may have thought about making like Gwyneth Paltrow and doing some sort of juice detox. Maybe a juice fast. Before you do (or continue if you’ve started one), I would like for you to please read the below article by...   Read More



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"I bought this [Tua Tre'nd] on 18th October 2012 and immediately started using it..... I had some problems with my face as I had some wrinkles called “crows feet”, fine lines around my eyes and lack of tone in my facial muscles,... read more >

E.B, 17 Dec 2012

"It was so good I was left wanting more!"... read more >

Caroline Lewis - Tua Viso workshop, 2 Nov 2007

"It is good to meet Tina in reality as for me it was an investment in a product over the internet. Well worth it!! Thank you!"... read more >

Helena Jedlinska - Tua Viso workshop, 29 Aug 2007