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Sharron Goodyear's Tua Tre'nd Story - Amazing Tua Tre'nd Before and After Photos

* "Even after only a few weeks of use I could definitely start to see a difference in the tone of my skin, particularly around my cheek area which looked visibly softer in appearance and lifted. Having used it regularly for a few months now I am really starting to feel the benefits. Finally a product that actually works!" Sharron Goodyear

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My Tua tre'nd Story - by Tina Richards

Tina Before (30.07.12)                Tina After 7 Weeks (15.09.12)

Dear young-at-heart friend,

It just so happens that over the last two years life has thrown my family a few curve balls and the accumulated stress from this started to take its toll on my appearance this summer.  Life had gotten in the way of my usual anti-ageing practice.

Toward the end of July a good friend from university visited me from Sweden - I hadn't seen her for a while - and I could see from the expression on her face that she was taken aback by the change in my appearance. She only commented that I'd lost a lot of weight. But the thing was I hadn't lost any weight.

That evening I took a good look at myself in the mirror and I was shocked because I hardly recognised myself. I saw a tired, sallow, emaciated face looking back at me. My cheeks and brows had dropped, I had eye bags, my skin had lost its firmness, my face had lost volume, and my features all looked blurred. It seemed like all of a sudden I didn't look like me at all. And I hadn't noticed until that moment.

Ageing is like that. It can creep up on you.

Well I can tell you I wasn't happy about this. I mean I'm Tina Richards, 'natural anti-ageing expert' after all! :) Also I wasn't happy with the idea of walking around with evidence of life's curve balls on my face to constantly remind me of challenging times.

Luckily for me I knew exactly what to do. Without delay I stepped up my anti-ageing program - practising what I have practiced for years which is what I teach now (microcurrent facial exercise, nutrition, skincare topicals) - and in ONLY 7 weeks I aged my face backwards.

Central to my anti-ageing program is the Tua Tre'nd which I used six days a week for seven weeks. As you can see in the 'after' photo my face has literally lifted up - it's like someone hoicked up my cheeks! My face is now fuller and more oval shaped; it is much more symmetrical looking. My eyes are firmer, more lifted and the eye bags gone. My skin has a glow and is much tighter overall. My complexion is much improved. Also my lips look fuller. I don't know if it's okay to say this...but I now love my face. For the reason that I look like me again.

This is the kind of facial refreshment that Tua Tre'nd can give you too.

I want to reiterate that I don't look better because the particular life challeges have ceased to affect me - they haven't. I know these results are solely down to the use of my program. With regular use the Tua Tre'nd gives your face a more lifted and symmetrical look. No invasive treatmetns, no fillers.... just facial exercise with microcurrent, which not only tightens and tones your facial muscles for a more lifted look, but also stimulates your skin for an improved appearance to your complexion.

I did deliberate a little whether to publish these photos because I took them for my eyes only (for the sock drawer). But because the results are so astounding, and I sincerely want similar results for you too, I felt I had to share them with you and our ever growing community.

Warmest regards,

Tina Richards

PS: My photos were taken in front of the same window, natural light (both sunny days) at the same time of day and I am wearing minimal make-up. They were taken with my phone and have not been retouched.

Tamzin Outhwaite, actress


Many celebrities use Tua tre'nd including a very famous international supermodel we have to keep tight-lipped about!

Alice Shaw

 Alice Before (June 2010)        Alice after 5 weeks (June 2011)

"I have always had very good skin for my age and have always used sunscreen daily and tried to follow a healthy diet. Despite this I started to hate the way my jaw line was ageing and I wanted some definition back. I tried my best to avoid any photographs being taken from the side. I have a busy and varied work and social life so knew that something had to be done. I had tried fillers in the past to plump out some lines but I was looking for something more natural as well as time and cost effective.

A friend told me that she had been using a device called the Tua Tre'nd 2 and had some very good results. I thought I would try it for myself. I contacted Tina Richards Ltd in May 2011 and ordered my Tua Tre'nd 2. It is easy to use and I had a lot of fun with the facial contractions that I obtained in the mirror. It really does exercise the muscles of my face!

I find the Tua Tre'nd 2 very relaxing and my daily facial is over in 15 minutes a day. This is a huge timesaver when working late nights in Social Care. My daily facial workout feels like a treat rather than a chore. After a month I could see small improvements, my skin had a nice glow and my face just looked more 'alive'. The biggest change came when I was looking at some photos from a friend's social gathering. My jaw line was more defined and I noticed my eye area seemed more 'open'. No more hiding from photos taken from the side! The Tua Tre'nd is a great gadget and I am so pleased that I have added it to my beauty regime."
Alice Shaw (August 2011)

Michelle Bowden

Michelle before    Michelle after 8 Weeks

"I am 41 years of age and although I have always looked a lot younger than my age, since turning 40 I've noticed some sagging around the eye area and the jaw line. I have definitely noticed my jaw line become less jowly, and the huge bags under my eyes which have developed over the last year have definitely decreased. There is also more definition above my eye where the skin under my eyebrow was starting to become saggy and it appears to be more taut and lifted. Thank you tua trend."
Michelle Bowden (May 2011)

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Lynne Woodward

Lynne before


Lynne after 6 weeks

"Hi, I just wanted to write and say WOW ! I bought my Tua Viso from you about 6 weeks ago and I can't believe the results.  I am 54 and had very saggy triangular bags under my eyes, very heavy hanging eyelids and sagging jowels. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror! I now have my eyelids and sockets back, the bags under my eyes are greatly diminished and my jowels have almost gone altogether. I look and feel fantastic and I can't believe how easy it has been to achieve. So a huge big thank you to you all at Tua Viso !! You've given me a new lease of life !! I would be delighted to recommend your product to anyone."
Lynne Woodward

Maria McCrea


Maria before


Maria after 8 weeks

"Here are two pictures of me. The first is taken prior to using the Tua Viso and the second is taken 8 weeks later. I'm sure I don't need to tell you which one is which!"
Maria McCrea

Sue Herwood


Sue before


Sue after 8 Weeks

"After some serious consideration at the end of last year, I made the decision to buy the Tuo Viso- after reading as much as possible and speaking to your ladies on the phone.  I was very enthusiatic and keen to see what it could achieve.I have now been making Tuo Viso a part of my daily routine for just over 2 months now, often using sometimes twice a day to work on my problem areas and I am so pleased with the results.

Whilst they not be hugely obvious from my enclosed images, I have lifted and strengthened my face and neck and can feel the results significantly-and continue to do so.

There is nothing like this on the market and it is seriously good value for money.

I would highly recommend the investment, just make the effort to find those necessary minutes each day and you will be glad you did.

I have been very grateful for the additional tips from Tina which I receive in emails, and have taken her advice adding various other helpful skin advice to my routine.

The timing of finding your site was perfect for me.

I look forward to continued success!"
Sue Herwood

Carol Matthews


Carole before


Carole after 8 weeks

"I purchased a Tua Viso in April and have been using it for 8 weeks. Here are my before and after photos. I think the Tua Viso has made a difference - I feel that my face has begun to look more symmetrical and my cheek area has lifted.

I am 63 and aware that, being post-menopausal, my skin has need of its collagen and elastin being stimulated as much as possible. I have tried IPL facials but they are quite expensive and am happy to have found Tua Viso as an economical alternative. I intend to use my Tua Viso regularly to continue the improvement, as I have recently become a grandmother for the first time but don't want to look too ancient!"
Carole Matthews

Lynn Elliott


Lynn before


Lynn after 8 weeks

"After only a week family and friends could see an improvement and commented on how well I looked and after 8 weeks I could see the difference myself especially the under eye area which appeared tighter and less puffy also my upper eyelids seemed less droopy and eyebrows were more arched. The cheek area had also tightened up as before this area had begun to look a bit saggy so overall my face does look more youthful. I will be continuing my facial workout with the Tua viso and hope to continue to see an improvement. I feel more confident now, it makes sense to work out the facial muscles just the same as going to the gym to tone up the body. I can now do my routine while watching TV in the evening without using a mirror and takes up very little time."
Lynn Elliott

More Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos from an Independent Clinical Trial on Tua Viso Conducted by Bologna University:
This is a clinical trial, hence the use of a head brace to ensure continuity of head position for the 'before and after' photography.

All 'after' shots are after only nine Tua Viso Treatments.


Before using Tua Viso


10 Days Later


Before using Tua Viso


10 Days Later


Lynda's Story

For Lynda, it all started in 2009 when she was enjoying a wonderful holiday with her family. She had always taken good care of herself. Her hair was nicely done and she looked after her skin. But when she saw the photos from the holiday she was shocked. There in living colour was a Lynda she didn't recognise. "My Lord", she thought. "Who is that woman?"

You know how some women have a negative body image? They think they look hideous, but are actually quite gorgeous. Well, Lynda felt the opposite. She laughs when she says this, but Lynda has always actually thought she looked, well, quite gorgeous!

But when she saw the photographs, the reality was a bit unsettling.

Though Lynda felt she still had a lot of girl inside her, a lot of life if you will, she suddenly had these images running through her mind where she looked old, frumpy and fat.

Not at all in tune with how she felt inside.

Taking care of the weight wasn't the hard part. She went on a diet, exercised faithfully and found herself showered with compliments on her new body. But still she was unhappy with how her face looked. Her new trim body made her face look even older and she felt...unattractive.

That unsightly "chin thing" was jiggling around down there, and a once firm jaw line was loose and sagging. Puffy bags and dark circles under her eyes zapped the energy from her face.

Frankly, she looked old and tired.

That's when Lynda began searching for a way to do for her face what she had done for her body.

Her "friend" had spent 8000 pounds on a face-lift and she looked amazing. But because of other things going on in her life, there was no way Lynda could save up that kind of dosh. So she had to look for another way.

She had read about non-surgical facelifts you could get in a beauty salon but they were quite expensive, not to mention inconvenient. So she thought if there is such a machine that lifts your face, maybe there is one you can use at home.

That's when she discovered an amazing non-surgical facelift device and as a incredibly simple way to turn back the years... and look young and attractive again.

How is it possible for such a simple device to do such incredible things? How is it possible to achieve such amazing results, your friends will swear you've had "something done?"

It's unbelievably simple. This powerful anti-ageing breakthrough is the key to rediscovering the sculpted and toned, youthful, and vibrant appearance you had so many years ago.

Believe me, even hard core sceptics will be shocked when they see how wonderful you look.

One "doubting Thomas" asked Lynda how she managed to look so much better, so much younger in only two months time. Without a moment's hesitation she replied, "Well, there you are. It's my little 'facelift machine'."

You see, as quickly as two short weeks of using this "magical" device, Lynda was a true believer.

"People Were Telling Me How Great I Looked... And Even Asked If I had

fillers or invasive treatments!"

"My lips were fuller, the little grooves either side of my nose had diminished and the puffy bits under my eyes literally disappeared in a couple of weeks. It only took a couple of days to get used to using it and I am such an expert now I can do it with one hand while doing other tasks. I even take it to work sometimes and 'do it' in spare moments.

The quality of my skin has improved. It looks tighter and my whole face just looks more defined. I also find it very therapeutic. By the time I finish my 'work out' I feel relaxed and comfortable after my stressful job.

I am really so pleased that I bought it and can't recommend it more highly. My friends and family said it would be a five-minute wonder, but I proved them wrong and now they are all envious of my 'new' face. I really can't think of money better spent."

Taking care of yourself is much more than a cosmetic issue. It's a deeply personal investment in the quality of life you want to lead. And... in how you present yourself to the world.

Linda so elegantly shared with me this fundamental truth. Now I would like to share it with you as well

These are her words...

"The thing about a positive change in your appearance is that it spills into every area of your life. Even if the changes with Tua Tre'nd were miniscule, it wouldn't matter to me, because they were big enough to improve my confidence.

When I look back to those photos of 2009, I was feeling middle age and frumpy. Now I feel beautiful, energetic and confident. Instead of feeling my life is half over, now I feel I've still got much more to go.

Tua Tre'nd was part of renewing myself. Renew yourself and you renew your life. I made some really big life changing decisions about my future. I'll soon be moving abroad and selling my home, doing something adventurous. Getting Tua Viso was all part and parcel of renewing myself - spiritually, had a part to play in everything I do.

It has given me confidence to make decisions I couldn't have made a few years ago because my life will change completely. I know it sounds corny, but Tua Tre'nd was part of that. When you are reinventing yourself it's not just your appearance that gets reinvented. It's your mentality and attitude to life, your optimism. If you can change your appearance it gives you the motivation to change the path of your life as well. Tua Tre'nd was a part of the metamorphosis.

And when you try a product like Tua Tre'nd, you have to recognise there is a need. And it's not just to straighten up a droopy lip, it's part and parcel of something else you need to do for yourself. You see a need in yourself that is much more than exercising your face. Tua Tre'nd fits in with all the other things I've done to renew my life.

Beauty isn't everything but when you feel outwardly beautiful, it gives an inward strength to a woman. It's phenomenal what that does for your mentality. It made me realise that that it isn't true you can't be a beautiful woman just because you're past the age of 50. I do feel like a beautiful woman. Now I have some control over how I look.

Using Tua Tre'nd is empowering."
Lynda Gurley, 53

Helen's Feedback

"I am just writing to say thank you so very much for your brilliant product. I bought my Tua Viso from you several months ago and have used it according to the instructions ever since.

I am a 42 year old mother of four and suffered from Bell's Palsy two years ago, during my last pregnancy, which paralysed half of my face. Although I made a full recovery, it did leave my face somewhat weakened and saggy. Your product is amazing! It stengthened and firmed up my face.

The other reason I'm writing is because I have now made the very brave step of changing career and becoming a model, which at my age is quite something. Very best wishes and thanks again"
Helen Wallace-Iles, 42

Elena's Feedback

"I would like to thank you for TUA VISO, I do believe it works. Before using it I went to Eva Frazer Facial Exercise lessons, and TUA VISO is based on the same technical idea. I also saw Dr Nickolas Lowe, because I was contemplating fillers, (silly me), his words were, 'I don't know what your doing but keep doing it', I told him about facial exercises but don't think he was very convinced. Once again I would like to thank you, and hope one day to have the pleasure of meeting you. Best wishes."
Elena Roig, 60, Ruislip (July 2010)



* Testimonials appearing on this site are received from real customers via text, audio, photo or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. Customer feedback is provided voluntarily, and it is based on individual perception & expectations from a particular product. 


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