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The MAX™ Stem Cell Crème - 50ml

This revolutionary night time crème delivers unsurpassed antioxidant properties to your skin. New stem cell technology derived from herbaceousalpine plants supports natural skin defense mechanisms. Contains a maximum concentration of peptides to smooth wrinkle formation due to facial expressions and to support collagen regeneration. The MAXimum benefit is achieved through a high concentration of botanical ingredients without the use of chemical preservatives or fillers. Formulated to regenerate skin and support natural defense mechanisms.


  Size:  1.7oz/50ml               Brand: Image Skincare


Pharmaceutical Grade: Please Call to Order

To purchase call: 0345 434 7990

  • Benefits

    Break-through combination of multiple plant-derived stem cells for age later results. This cream repairs cell damage, protects against free radical damage and provides nutrition to the skin. Corrective peptides relax facial expressions reducing formation of wrinkles. Natural marine plant based tightening complex that smoothes the skin and leaves it more radiant-looking.

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