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"I am 58 years old and have always worked hard on my fitness level and appearance. It is easy to...

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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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"After reading about the Tua spa in various magazines, I sceptically decided to take the plunge and purchase one. I'm so glad I did! I am 42 and have had mild, annoying acne along my jawline and neck for the past ten years which I had put down to... read more

I.Doig, 11 Apr 2014

"Hi my name is Vera, I am 66 years old and I have used Tua tre'nd for 4 years now and I must say it's the best product I have used yet for toning my face and neck. I have used others but this the best yet. It is so simple to use plus you can target... read more

Vera, Ireland, 20 Mar 2014

"I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You need to commit to actually using it on a regular basis but its so easy in front of the TV. I am 49 and I am continually mistaken for 28. No surgery just Tua Tre'nd. Go on... read more

Mrs Yousaf, Oxford, 4 Oct 2013

“I have never written to any organisation in this way before, but I just must say a big 'Thank you' for the Tua Trend. I have used it on average 5 to 7 times per week since the end of May. I feel so much more confident. It has really tightened up... read more

Evonne, London, 5 Aug 2013

"I would like to say I have been using Tua [Tre'nd] for about 8 Months. Previously I used the cleo 1and 2. I am extremley happy with the effectiveness of the product it is easy to use no mess no fiddly cords simple. I have just ordered a second wand... read more

E.Clarke, Essex, 10 May 2013

"I am really grateful to you for your prompt response. Your customer service at Tina Richards is second to none. Just to let you know I also have an old version of the Club –cleo. I was wondering whether to replace it with the new... read more

Sally, Hampshire, 9 Apr 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the Tua trend for two months, approximately 5 times a week in the evenings. I was delighted as the other day shopping for some new clothes and I mentioned to the shop assistant, that I was too old... read more

AS, 27 Feb 2013

"Last week I bought a Tua Spa. This was something I had been deliberating about for quite a while, but kept putting it off because of the cost. I have had a Tua Tre'nd for some time and I'm really pleased with the results, but the Tua spa... read more

Jacqui, Ipswich, 13 Feb 2013

Wow, I'm so impressed. I really didn't expect a reply so quick and certainly not as detailed. Thank you so very much, I really do appreciate your time and help and will most certainly take up your advice. You really have made me feel better Tina.... read more

S.Lyons, 30 Jan 2013

"I bought this [Tua Tre'nd] on 18th October 2012 and immediately started using it..... I had some problems with my face as I had some wrinkles called “crows feet”, fine lines around my eyes and lack of tone in my facial... read more

E.B, 17 Dec 2012

"Can I say a big 'thank you' for the prompt and excellent customer service at Tina Richards Ltd. Looking forward to using my Tua Spa. Thank you once again"... read more

Maggie Bird, 2 Aug 2012

"I am so delighted with my Tua Tre'nd that I wanted to say 'thank you'. I've been using it 5 times a week for 6 weeks now and the fantastic results just keep coming. I have suffered with puffiness under my eyes for the past 15 years (I am now... read more

D.Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire, 13 Jul 2012

“I purchased the Tua Spa some months ago and have been using it on a daily basis since then. First of all, I think it is great and I have noticed a real improvement in my skin. I am 30 so I don't have lots of wrinkles but the Tua Spa keeps my skin... read more

E. Bouvier, 28 Jun 2012

“For years I have been troubled by spots on my neck and along my jaw. Within weeks of using the Tua Spa these have disappeared and my skin looks great. I can not praise the Tua Spa enough, I only wish I had been twenty when I had purchased it and... read more

T.Selby, 24 May 2012

"Just a quick note to let you know how delighted I am with my Tua Tre'nd. I'm coming up to 60 and have been using it for a while now. I am absolutely over the moon with the results. One of the most noticeable improvements are the lifting of the... read more

Maria, Stafford, 2 May 2012

"I have now been using [Tua Spa] for a few weeks, and I am loving it! Regarding the ultrasonic cleansing programmes, my Clarisonic is set to be listed on eBay now when I have a spare moment. I do not envisage picking it up again, as I get... read more

J. Thompson, Sheffield, 17 Apr 2012

"This is just a quick note to all the doubters out there - I am one of you! However I'm up for trying anything, so for the last month I have been 'electrocuting' [with Tua Tre'nd] myself every single day, much to the amusement of my family. The... read more

E. Dulguerov, Crewe, 2 Mar 2012

“I love the cream!! Suntegrity has a new follower:)”... read more

Raqelle, Spain, 3 Feb 2012

"After three minutes [using Tua Spa] my skin looked phenomenal, smooth, plumped up and glowing."... read more

Alice, London, 30 Jan 2012

"I have always had very good skin for my age and have always used sunscreen daily and tried to follow a healthy diet. Despite this I started to hate the way my jaw line was ageing and I wanted some definition back. I tried my best to avoid any... read more

Alice Shaw, 6 Jan 2012

"I have been using the tua trend for 2 weeks, twice a day. I am 28 years of age and began using it after worrying about my 30 bench mark creeping up and also that I didn't look as youthful as I used to due to burning the candle at both ends for... read more

Michelle Smith, London, 2 Jan 2012

"Even though I have only been using the Tua Silver for about a month, I have already noticed that my thighs and arms are starting to look toned and the appearance of cellulite is reduced. I use it on those areas that are difficult to slim even... read more

Yvonne, Essex., 11 Nov 2011

"Thought I would drop you a line to say how much I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the Tua Trend (my friend) It has achieved so many wonderful things..... Starting from the top..... Forehead smoother, Eyebrows lifted, Hoods on eyes lifted, Eye bags... read more

Patricia, Hampshire, 4 Nov 2011

"I was tempted by Tua Trend for about a year but was anxious because of the price (I have worked in the beauty industry so am understandably weary!!) I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You need to commit to... read more

Charlotte, Guildford, 5 Oct 2011

"Tua Spa is fantastic. My skin feels so much softer, smoother and less congested. No need to go to the salon, I can have professional skin care results whenever I its anti-ageing, what more could I ask for."... read more

Kirsty Hilliar, Tina Richards Ltd, 21 Jul 2011

‘I normally use facial scrubs for my skin but found that they didn’t really get the smallest pores clean. I love the idea of micro-jets of water cleansing the pores. The Tua Spa is so satisfying to use and get all the grime from my skin... read more

Natasha Crawley, Tina Richards Ltd, 20 Jul 2011

“I like Tua Spa very much. After using Tua Spa my skin looks more radiant, soft, clean and fresh.  It is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess like peeling creams.  A very useful product with a great design.”... read more

Lijana Valciukiene, Tina Richards Ltd, 19 Jul 2011

“In just 2 – 3 minutes Tua Spa makes my skin clean and glowing and it is so relaxing too. It is also very good for sensitive and acne skin because of the special antibacterial properties. A wonderful product!”... read more

Vile Jaruseviciene, Tina Richards Ltd, 19 Jul 2011

"The Tua Tre'nd really does work. This is not a fad - this is money well spent! I am 45 years of age and whilst people assured me I did not look my age, my face was definitely showing signs of ageing. More disturbingly it was the feel of my... read more

Mrs Jones, Hampshire - 45 years, 7 Sep 2010

Thank you for your Tua Tre'nd I have been using it for 9 months and the results are amazing - I am 67 years old and had major surgery two years ago It is a fabulous product and can highly recommend it thank you Tina and Team.... read more

Ann, 67, Uttoexeter, 10 Aug 2010

"I would like to thank you for TUA VISO, I do believe it works. Before using it I went to Eva Frazer Facial Exercise lessons, and TUA VISO is based on the same technical idea. I also saw Dr Nickolas Lowe, because I was contemplating Botox, (silly... read more

Elena Roig, 60, Ruislip, 27 Jul 2010

"I love the Tua Tre'nd its brilliant, it is so easy to use. I used to have a cleo but the pads were expensive and did not last long either. With the Tua its easy as you don’t have to take your make up off and you can re-use the pads. I have used it... read more

Lisa, 43, East Midlands, 8 Jul 2010

"As a Nutritionist, I am very passionate about the enormous health benefits of good nutrition, not just for our insides, but also for our outsides, ie., our skin. Skin, very much, benefits from good nutrition to keep it blemish free, glowing,... read more

Lorna Marchant Dip.ION.,BANT, 19 May 2010

Tua tre'nd - "Amazing! I can't believe the results! I have been using this every night for 4 weeks and i look like i have had a facelift! My cheeks, jaw line and eyelids have all lifted! My face looks really toned!  I love using this whlie... read more

sunset, Rotherham, QVC, 14 Nov 2009

Tua tre'nd - "everyone should have one. This is an excellent product, I look forward to the routine each night my skin is tighter , my cheekbones more defined, my forehead has lifted and I find this most relaxing. Would highly recommend as this... read more

kyser, Sheffield, QVC, 11 Nov 2009

Tua tre'nd - "Turn Back Those Years Girls. I wanted to write a review the very 1st time I used this simply because of the simplicity and ease of use. Now after 3 weeks of constant use I can say that the results are real and exceptional. I am... read more

linderella, South Derbyshire, QVC, 9 Nov 2009

Tua tre'nd - "Delivers. I have only been using this for a few days, but can already tell that this will do as it promises. I already own the TUA VISO which is a little tricker to use, I found it difficult to find the target area, this very... read more

BagsandBling, Herts, QVC, 9 Nov 2009

Tua tre'nd - "amazing. I have been using the original version of this machine with very good results, apart from giving the face a more toned appearance it also freshens the skin. The new version is very much easier to use, the wand itself is a... read more

Mildred, Middlesex, QVC, 9 Nov 2009

Tua tre'nd - "Really impressed. I am amazed with the results after three sessions with this product. usually very sceptical with gadgets but thrilled with this one.. Thought I could only get these results visiting a beauty salon., saving a... read more

Pheedo, Shropshire, QVC, 30 Oct 2009

Tua tre'nd - "This works! I have to admit to treating myself and upgrading from the Tuo Viso which I bought from QVC last year. I did use it regularly, and got good results, but I think this is even better. It's easier to use, and the design of... read more

Cerdita, Bognor Regis, QVC, 29 Oct 2009

Tua tre'nd - "Fabulous. I have used this every day since it arrived and can see results already, have got a similar procuct which uses sticky pads, but these peel off all the time and need constant replacing, this one is so easy to use , just... read more

ckay4711, Derbyshire, QVC, 26 Oct 2009

Tua tre'nd - "Rediscover your cheek bones.  I have only had this for a few days but astounded at the quick results ,i dont have many wrinkles but have noticed sagging of my cheeks and jowl area this is a great product as it tones up the... read more

dressurdiva, British Forces, QVC, 24 Oct 2009

"Hi Tina I have been using the Tua Viso for 6 weeks and am delighted with the change in my face!! I was researching non surgical, expensive, more risky options such as Thermage and fillers to improve the early signs of sagging when I luckily... read more

Sara Heywood, 22 Jul 2009

"I've had the tua viso for approx 2 yr, although not used it on a regular basis partly due to being so busy and to be honest, I really didn't think it would give a result with long term use. However, over the past 5 weeks, I just got into a... read more

Bry from Tyne & Wear, 29 Jun 2009

"I've been running the Tua Viso over the backs of my hands and they seem to be responding - not looking so wrinkled. I once had my hands IPL-ed so I have seen them improve before. But while the IPL was good for freckles, unless one keeps it... read more

Carole Matthews, 29 Jun 2009

"After only a week family and friends could see an improvement and commented on how well I looked and after 8 weeks I could see the difference myself especially the under eye area which appeared tighter and less puffy also my upper eyelids... read more

Lynne Elliot, 22 Jun 2009

"Hello, I'm gradually getting used to my Tuo Viso, its wonderful, I am so pleased, my original face shape is reappearing !! I'm so pleased with it, I want it to last forever thankyou so much."... read more

Gea Jones, 16 Jun 2009

"I purchased a Tua Viso three months ago, and use it four or five times weekly,and I am so pleased with the results! I am now in my sixties, and frankly thought it was too late to see any real improvment, not so! Thank you!&quo... read more

Fran Farquharson, 27 May 2009

"Tina, I have the machine. I love it! I am going to check into the other things you mentioned also. But, I have definitly noticed an improvement. I am 59 years old and had been ill and was on chemo. It started to do bad things to my face. I... read more

Jana Pierce, 28 Feb 2009

"I am just writing to say thank you so very much for your brilliant product. I bought my Tua Viso from you several months ago and have used it according to the instructions ever since. I am a 42 year old mother of four and suffered from Bell's... read more

Helen Wallace-Iles, 26 Jan 2009

"After some serious consideration at the end of last year, I made the decision to buy the Tuo Viso- after reading as much as possible and speaking to your ladies on the phone. I was very enthusiatic and keen to see what it could achieve. I... read more

Sarah Holmes, 22 Jan 2009

"I just thought I would let you know that since I bought by Tua Viso and not telling family and friends they have commented on how much better I look. I have since admitted to having purchased one and my elder sister is so impressed she has... read more

Alison Liver, 5 Jan 2009

"I recently bought a Tua Viso and wanted to send you a review because I am so thrilled with the results. I have been using a facial program for 18 months and although there is much improvement there are areas of my face that I wasn't pleased... read more

Ann Smith, 13 Dec 2008

“Long term use of electrical stimulation causes skin to appear thicker and more youthful, with a vibrant visible glow” Dr Nicholas Perricone M.D. in his book ‘The Perricone Prescription’, and New York Bestseller ‘The... read more

Dr Nicholas Perricone M.D., 30 Nov 2008

"I discovered Tua Viso by searching the internet for facial exercise routines because I was becoming increasingly annoyed by my jowly and down-in-the-mouth looks which I felt made me look miserable all the time. I started using it in August and... read more

Rita, 4 Nov 2008

"I am highly delighted with the results and it is early days for me.  I bought my Tua Viso about 5 weeks ago. I haven't used it as often I would would like to but the results are noticable. People have said that I look fresh faced, they... read more

Sharon, West Sussex, 3 Nov 2008

“Tua Viso provides an excellent alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures such as face lift surgery and Botox treatments so long as you use it methodically. This product (Tua Viso) is very user friendly – an excellent and safe... read more

Dr Natalie Blakely MBBS, BA (Hons), 20 Sep 2008

"Well a product thats does what it says on the packet, I am 59yrs. of age and at this stage in my life I thought nothing would work to reduce jowel lines, how wrong could I have been. I have tried and tested all the leading brands of wrinkle... read more

WOW, Chrissie, 3 Sep 2008

"have been using my Tua viso for eight weeks and am now wondering how I ever lived without it, I have never had so many compliments in my life....I have spent thousands and I mean thousands on gadgets, creams and potions and to be truthful...if... read more

Marilyn Heavens, 11 Aug 2008

"Thankyou so much for your tips!I have the Tua Vista and have been using it for about monht, and I am soooooooooooooo glad I fell upon it.I wish I;d taken a before and after picture as I can see a massive difference with this short space of... read more

Nita, 9 Aug 2008

"I must agree with the comments below I have only being using Tua Viso for 2 weeks and already I can see a difference what will it be like in 3months, I am so thrilled that I bought this wonderful gadget, so easy to use and what wonderful... read more

Catherine, 3 Aug 2008

"Hi, well I caved and forked out on a Tua Viso non-surgical face lift device - I'm 36 and have been worried that as my skin is so sensitive, I haven't been using any anti-aging products at all - still not at the stage where I can use a... read more

Jaqueline, 25 Jul 2008

"I am very pleased with my Tua Viso. I have used it mostly 5 times a week, I even took it on holiday. At first I did think I was kidding myself there was an improvement, then other people mentioned the fact that I looked differant, and asked... read more

Mary Fairbrother, 12 Jul 2008

"The Tua Viso is fabulous! I want to order the body one. WOW!  It is soooo easy to use and the DVD and booklet are very good, I really like the hadny pocketsize instruction booklet too. I can tell its going to get lots of good use and... read more

WOW!!!! I would like to order another one please!! Nita, 11 Jul 2008

"Hi, Just wanted to let you see the results I have had with Tua Viso in a VERY short period of time.  I Have to say that I am astounded as I did not expect all the hype to be true.  Thank you so much for such a great product, one... read more

Results!! Ian, Scotland, 10 Jul 2008

"Miracle TUA.  Over the years I have spent a fortune (thousands) on various treatments and I thought oh well give this a go and this is my reaction WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! INSTANTLY DIFFERENT and over the last couple... read more

Miracle Tua. QVC Customer Notts, 9 Jul 2008

"I’m 45 and I bought Tua Viso from Tina Richards about 5 months ago because I was looking tired and drawn. I can tell you this is my miracle machine that has plumped up, taughtened and refreshed my face; I am absolutely thrilled with the... read more

QVC UK Customer, London, 7 Jul 2008

"I've been using this machine for the past six months i bought it from tina richards site. I'm 32 but i was feeling concerned about my eyes, i was spending a fortune on eye creams to tighten the look of the skin under the eyes and to rid myself... read more

Sicily - QVC UK Customer, 25 Jun 2008

"I am 36 and have been starting to notice a little bit of sagging. Nothing bad but I could definately see a softening round the jaw and quite pronounced nose to mouth lines. I have been using TUA VISO for 5 weeks, 5 times a week.The results are... read more

F. Tail, York, 19 Jun 2008

"Hello Tina, I am using my new (about 6 weeks now) Tuo Viso, and yes I am really starting to see results! I am actually booked in to see a reputable plastic surgeon in London for a consultation for my under and upper eye bags...which i am... read more

Lynne, 1 May 2008

“For almost 50 years doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists have appreciated the toning and lifting benefits of professional clinical electrical muscle stimulation while treating patients with Bell’s palsy and facial paralysis. They... read more

Dr Lisa Boettcher MBBS, BSc (Hons), 17 Jan 2008

"Thank you very much indeed for your quick response - it is really appreciated and I must say that I am extremely impressed with your service."... read more

Penny, 5 Dec 2007

"I have been using my Tua Viso for six months and I am very pleased with the way it has toned up my facial muscles.  I was particularly aware that one side of my mouth felt and looked droopy but now it is perfectly normal and I don't feel... read more

Sue Crump, 4 Dec 2007

"I am a 61 year old woman who has been using the Tua Visa Machine now for over a year. I can't begin to tell you how many people think I'm somewhere between 38 and 40. Whenever anyone ask me my age I'm proud to tell them the truth, but no one... read more

Rosemary Vollaro, 4 Dec 2007

"As I got older, I realised I needed more than a good face cream to fight wrinkles.  My face muscles were beginning to sag and the wrinkles got deeper.   I tried face exercisers in the form of a mask with electrodes, but it was... read more

Lorna Ballard, 3 Dec 2007

"I knew that facial exercises could arrest the ageing process but never believed they could reverse it.  However, after using my Tua Viso regularly for six months, I look ten years younger than I did before I started and this wonderful... read more

Jan, 2 Dec 2007

"I am really pleased with my Tua Viso - I can definitely see a difference around my eye area - it seems to have lifted the heavy skin that has appeared above my eyes and they seem much more open and younger now.  I was thinking of having... read more

Gill S., 22 Nov 2007

"Hello, Being a guy I usually would not buy this kind of thing but when I saw how much it improved my wife's appearance I thought maybe I should give it a shot. I look 10 years younger and it feel great! " Kevin, Upstate New York... read more

Kevin, 14 Nov 2007

"I received my tua viso three days ago, and I am amazed at the difference already!!! My friends and family (without knowing I was using anything) are commenting on how great I look. If the results are this amazing after only three days, I can't... read more

Marianne Dorfman, 10 Nov 2007

"I've been using Tua Viso for a while now. Before that, I used for one year the DermalTone which got broken after 1 year of use. I am content about Tua Viso because it tones the delicate face muscles without any other bad consequences for the... read more

FMS, from Toronto, 2 Nov 2007

“Thank you, thank you!!! I am 32 years old and came across your website when looking up cosmetic surgery. I am so glad I did. Even though I am only 32, I have always had a weak chin which resulted in sagging cheeks, jowls, nose to mouth lines... read more

Anon, 25 Oct 2007

"Hi I received my Tua Viso last Monday, so I've had a full 5 days using it.  I'm getting better... at first I think it can be hard to hit the right spots... but every day I imporve and really like it.  We'll see what I look like in a... read more

Angie Carry, 6 Oct 2007

"I use the Tua Viso machine to help relax my muscles due to fibromyalgia syndrome. Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic achy muscular pain that has no obvious physical cause. It most commonly affects the lower... read more

Lisa Hobbs, 1 Oct 2007

“I had been considering buying an electronic face-exerciser for a couple of years - once I hit 40, really. All through my teens I had had acne and had some quite drastic treatments (facial injections) to treat it. This had left the right side... read more

Amy Thanawalla, 29 Sep 2007

"I love it! I have another type, by Suzanne Somers, which stings my face, and this does not. I won't even go into the one that is a facemask, which burnt my lip, and took one month to heal!!! Not only did the facemask burn my lip horribly,... read more

Deborah Carmichael, 23 Sep 2007

"I really would like to say how delighted I am with my Tua Viso.  A fantastic invention that is changing my life.  I really didn't like what I saw in the mirror every day, but now after seven weeks with my Tua Viso I am really... read more

Nicki Penaluna, 21 Sep 2007

"Hi, Just thought I would send you a very happy report, and to say that in a very short time 6 weeks to be precise Tua Viso has made a difference to my neck.  In other words less flabby.  And under the chin there is a positive... read more

Sophie Hobley, 11 Sep 2007

“While we can exercise most muscles in order to maintain them, exercising facial muscles is extremely difficult. Medics have developed a handy instrument that makes it easy to electronically exercise literally all facial muscle groups.... read more

Hans Kugler, Ph.D, 20 Aug 2007

"After three months trial of Tua Viso I have noticed some definite changes!!  Like most "gadgets" you always think they are a gimmick.  How can a machine take the place of surgery?  Once the old face is heading south... read more

A. K. Reeves Physiotherapist, 57, 15 Aug 2007

"Hi I recently purshased a Tua Viso to help fight the ravages of time! I wanted something simple and easy to use.  Something that I would not have to 'plug in'. I am delighted to say the Tua Viso was exactly what I had hoped it would be,... read more

Linda Entwistle, 15 Aug 2007

 “Just wanted to let you know I have been using my Tua Viso for 6 weeks now and I am delighted with it. To give you a bit of background information I can tell you that this is the fourth facial exercise appliance I have purchased over the... read more

Elizabeth Hartley, 10 Aug 2007

"Hello, I just received my Tua Viso Monday March 19 th. I had purchased a Derma Tone earlier within the month. After using it for two weeks I was pleased because I knew it was working but on contemplating the purchase price I decided to check... read more

Claudette, 9 Aug 2007

"Hi, I have been using my gizmo diligently now for one month.  I love it and I found that even after 10 days I could really see a difference.  It's an odd feeling to describe, but I can feel the muscles tightening under my skin. ... read more

Angela Carry, 25 Jul 2007

"Dear Tua Viso: I have been using the Tua Viso facial exerciser unit that I purchased from you since September 2004 and would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with the results I have gotten so far. My face has toned up... read more

D.S. in North Carolina, 23 Jul 2007

"I have been using the Tua Viso for just a few days and I am very happy with it. It is very easy to use, no conductive gel needed or pads that fall off. I had given serious thought to having this new radio frequency treatment (Thermage) but it... read more

Susan, 5 Jul 2007

"Hi, just thought I'd write and let you know how I',m getting on with my Tua Viso. I bought it about 6 weeks ago and was quite sceptical at first. I am 38. I have 5 young children aged 7 years -6 months and was feeling and looking tired! I... read more

Emma Quinton, 5 Jul 2007

“Having used my Tua Viso for 6 months now I thought it was about time I emailed you to tell you of the results.  I started by religiously using the machine for the full 3 minutes per exercise and found it was easy to work into my busy... read more

Mrs Sheila Leach, 25 Jun 2007

“I am amazed I didn't really think it would work. I have only been using the Tua Viso for eighteen days and can see the difference already. The bags under my eyes have gone and my jawline is much firmer. I can't wait to see the improvements... read more

Linda, 18 Jun 2007

“I would just like to say how happy I am with my new Tua Viso, I have been using it for 7 wks now and my skin is firmer, my compexion clearer and my nose to mouth lines have significantly improved. I am keeping it my little secret, but a few... read more

Beverley, 14 Jun 2007

“I purchased the Tua Viso at the end of March this year.  I have used it constantly since that time and noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin.  The skin on my face is now smooth and radiant, even without... read more

Julie Keogh, 31 May 2007

“I received my 'Tua Viso' 6 weeks ago and I can only say the effects already apparent are amazing, and it is so easy to use. I have noticed in  this time that (a) my eyebrows have been raised, (b) the fine lines at the sides of my mouth... read more

Moira S., 31 May 2007

"I bought my Tua Viso in February. My "friend" had just had a face lift for £8,000 and she looked amazing. I couldn't afford this, but I researched the non-surgical route and decided on the Tua Viso. What a great choice I made.... read more

Lynda Curley, 24 May 2007

“I have spent a fortune on all sorts of creams, some of which have worked for a short time.  I have tried all sorts of brands, but the logic of putting something on the surface of the skin never really seemed to convince me, so I thought... read more

Jane Highton, 20 May 2007

"Hello, I received my Tua Viso 2 weeks ago and have been using it ever since.  I don't want to sound too dramatic but I really can't believe how amazing the Tua Viso is.  I've noticed such a huge difference in the tone of skin; it's... read more

Cristina from Edinburgh, 20 May 2007

“I have had great success with Tua Viso. It looks very similar to the Dermal tone. I bought the Tua Viso because it has pads that cover the metal contact points, so you never get a painful sting from the impulse. I tried the Rejuvenique... read more

Aemcea Kaemcea, 14 May 2007

“Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed the first improvement in my skin.  Just a few days ago I thought it was looking a little "plumper" and I noticed that when I sat down to do the exercises with sagging brows, they... read more

Isabella Johnston, 10 May 2007

"I have been using my TUO-VISO about Two years, it is still performing very well, having outlived several pairs of sponges. My work collegues are envious of my skin, and if you check your sales records you will see I have just ordered another... read more

Patchara Gasson, 9 May 2007

“For the record - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I have been using it for nearly two years and people regulary guess my age at between 10 - 15 years younger than I actually am (I will be 49 this month) From the first use I could see a difference and my... read more

Amanda Dickenson, 8 May 2007

“I bought Tua Viso because at the age of nearly 50 I had done as much as I could with good diet and exercise to resist aging.  My eyes were looking tired and my facial muscles and neck were starting to sag a little.  I've been using... read more

Angela Lloyd, 2 May 2007

"Hi, I just wanted to write and say WOW ! I bought my Tua Viso from you about 6 weeks ago and I can't believe the results. I am just sorry that I did not take that photograph! I am 54 and had very saggy triangular bags under my eyes, very heavy... read more

Lynne Woodward, 30 Apr 2007

 “I have been using Tua Viso and you cannot believe the results.  I decided to exercise intensively until I was where I wanted to be and then to just do a minute a day per area as basic maintenance.  For around six weeks I have... read more

Esme Rust, 26 Apr 2007

"I want to add myself to the list of happy people who bought this product. (And it arrived here so fast.) I'm a 46 year old woman. I'd been wanting a facial exerciser for several years but had no idea which one to buy, so I put it off. I've... read more

Susan, 10 Apr 2007

"I have found that the Tua Viso has made my skin tighter and softer. I have particularly noticed a difference in the cheek area and nasal folds; the lines between the nose and mouth look less pronounced. Thank you."... read more

Jane Goss, 28 Mar 2007

 “I bought my TUA VISO about 5 months ago, not thinking for a minute that it would work, but out of desperation, I thought I might as well give it it a try.  My friends thought I was mad and said it would never work, I was wasting my... read more

Katherine Kelly, 22 Mar 2007

“I had been having non-surgical facelift treatment for many years but when I moved last year I could not find a practitioner in my area.    I decided to try Tua Viso last June.  It was extremely easy to use and certainly... read more

Val Luxford, 10 Mar 2007

"I would like to say how happy I am with the results of using my Tua Viso. My face is a lot firmer and fuller and I feel a lot more confident, my husband is also impressed with the results and is starting to use it as well. I am also pleased... read more

Alison, 3 Mar 2007

"Having just entered my 50's and realising that my face is definitely not getting any younger, I have been hunting around for a solution.  I have tried various creams, without much success.  I did not want surgery or injections of... read more

Sue Wallis, 15 Feb 2007

"Hi, I thought I have to send you my testimonial. I have used the Tua Viso for 2 weeks only, on a regular basis and I must say that the results are fantastic. My face is incredibly firm and my trouble area - eye bags- has improved. I have... read more

Ellen, 13 Feb 2007

"I  have only been using the Tua Viso for just over a month, but have already noticed an amazing difference, so had to write to tell you what a fantastic product I think this is.  At 66 I may be a bit 'over the hill' [no you are not... read more

Jan, 66, 12 Feb 2007

"I have been using the Tua Viso for a couple of months now.  I am 38 years old but noticed a gradual droop developing to my left eye.  I would constantly pull the skin up on my forehead to position the eye back. I used the machine... read more

Seema S., 38, 10 Feb 2007

"Hi.  I started using the Tua Viso about 6 weeks ago and have been delighted and completely pleased and happy with the results!!!  I had read a brilliant article about the scientific evidence of the product and was quite primed for it... read more

Sharyn Davis, 9 Feb 2007

“Electrical stimulation may be the future of skin-care technology” New York Dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D. , Elle Magazine Feb. 2003.... read more

Elle Magazine, 7 Feb 2007

"Hello, I am 26 years old, i m new owner of Tua Viso. I used to have very dull and tired looking skin but after using Tua Viso, I find my skin v toned and firm, i am really v happy with the results. I have used Tua Viso only 5 times so far and... read more

Mrs S. Khan, 5 Feb 2007

"Hi- I am a new owner of your Tua Visa machine- after several years of working with face-master- it is a real treat to use your machine which gives such great results immediately!! I have only used it (going through all the steps)-- three times... read more

Philis Eller, 31 Jan 2007

"I am 41 years old and have been finding it hard to accept what age does to your skin.  This prompted me to buy the Tua Viso 'miracle machine' 5 weeks ago.  I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I did. "I was a little... read more

Tracey Ward, 26 Jan 2007

"Hi Tina,  I've been using Tua Viso for three weeks now and having been exceedingly sceptical I am now beginning to see a difference to this lined 65yr old face of mine.  I don't so much have sagging jowls, just criss cross lines over... read more

J. Mcfarlane, 65, 24 Jan 2007

“I am happy to comment on the compliments I have been getting concerning my skin. Since using Tua Visa I was told by one person that my skin was looking extremely good. A few days later someone who works with this lady came to see me on some... read more

Carol, 11 Jan 2007

"Having never thought about growing old, I suddenly found myself distinctly middle-aged at 55 years old and loving it.  Naturally athletic and slim without effort, I noticed my face changing, not pleasingly, with dropped jowls and sagging... read more

E. Rust, 10 Jan 2007

"Tua Viso really works.  I am 61 years old but after looking after my skin since I was 15 & having an extensive knowledge of skincare preparations I knew creams were not the anser to sagging facial tissue.  So I invested in Tua... read more

Mrs Watts, 8 Jan 2007

"Hi. I love my Tua Viso - it works miracles! Thank you! I have used the Tua Viso 4 or 5 times so far, and I can see such a change in my face, but I can also feel a big difference - it feels tighter. I am aware of the muscles in my face... read more

Tara Friend, 6 Jan 2007

"I want to mention how I tried two other face machines. The first one was the Face Master. I didn't like that one at all. It was very confusing to use. The electrical waves were not even and some times I would get shocks that I know I was not... read more

Linda- Optician, 3 Jan 2007