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Tua Spa 

Deep Cleansing & Anti-Ageing System

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5 Beauty Protocols in one device

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  • About Tua Spa

    From internationally trusted brand Tua, Tua Spa promises you clear, smooth, glowing, rejuvenated looking skin.

    Tua Spa encapsulates five different beauty treatments in one tool, uses hydro ultrasonic and micro-current technologies and each treatment takes only minutes! 

    Clinically proven technologies used by spa professionals:

    - Ultrasonic deep cleansing & gentle skin peel with ‘hydro pore wash' (2 programs) Gentle yet effective facial exfoliator
    - Ultrasonic facial micro-massage for skin plumping and radiance enhancement (2 programs)
    - Microcurrent facial toning and firming (3 levels)
    - Uniquely blended microcurrent and ultrasound Skin Booster


    "I love this new cleansing device, it leaves me with clean and polished skin - nothing works better for A-list skin. So easy and compact, gives the complexion the ultimate glow." 

    Nuz Shugaa, Celebrity Facialist - Spa Treatment Expert 

    Works beautifully alone or, in tandem with Tua tre'nd/Viso.  

    5 Professional Grade Treatment Protocols in One Beauty Tool

    1. Ultrasonic Cleansing 
    Ultrasonic ‘cavitation’ creates a suction effect that removes dirt and impurities from pores for deeply clean smooth skin.

    2. Ultrasonic Peeling
    Integrated with ultrasonic cleansing, dead skin cells and debris are lifted from the skin’s surface, refining the skin texture to reveal bright, clear, glowingly fresh new skin.

    3. Ultrasonic Micro-massage 
    Improves skin health and vitality encouraging elasticity, plumping up the skin and enhancing the radiance and colour.

    4. Micro-current Stimulation
    Energises the skin’s surface and stimulates the facial and neck muscles for a firmer more lifted look.

    5. Skin Booster
    3-minute beautifying facial: a unique combination of ultrasonic micro-massage with micro-current stimulation gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow while noticeably firming and toning the face and neck.

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    Past Reviews

    I absolutely love the Tua Spa. It is superb at removing dry skin and congestion on the face and it leaves my skin super clean, polished and refreshed.

    Karen , 17 May 2016    

    I have been using the Tua Spa for around around 2 weeks and now wish I had found it sooner. I am 43 years old, and am troubled with ugly hormonal spots for nearly around 10 days per month. Reading another lady's review of this, along with the promotional video, persuaded me to give this a try and I am so glad I did as it seemed a lot of money to spend. This has been a great investment and has kept the hormonal outbreaks around my chin and jaw which (have dogged me for so long) away; my skin looks so refreshed, plump and bright. I am totally sold on this product and really look forward to gaining more long term results in combination with my other purchase - Tua Trend, which I will be reviewing shortly. Both money well spent, thanks so much Tina xx

    Linda, Dumfries , 27 Feb 2016    

    After reading about the Tua spa in various magazines, I sceptically decided to take the plunge and purchase one. I'm so glad I did! I am 42 and have had mild, annoying acne along my jawline and neck for the past ten years which I had put down to hormone fluctuations. After using the Tua spa for just 1 week the spots have completely cleared up! Not only is it a great cleansing tool, it's also great for plumping up the fine lines around my eyes. I'm so pleased I took the plunge!

    I.Doig , 11 Apr 2014    

    Last week I bought a Tua Spa. This was something I had been deliberating about for quite a while, but kept putting it off because of the cost. I have had a Tua Tre'nd for some time and I'm really pleased with the results, but the Tua spa is something else! I suffered badly from acne when I was younger, requiring drugs to clear it up, and this left my skin uneven in texture. After only one week I can really see the difference! My pores appear smaller, my skin more 'smoothed' and I just look fresher. I use this in conjunction with my Tua Tre'nd - people already commented that I didn't look my age after I had used this, I'm sure after a few months of using Tua spa I will be able to knock a few more years off!

    Jacqui, Ipswich , 13 Feb 2013    

    I purchased the Tua Spa some months ago and have been using it on a daily basis since then. First of all, I think it is great and I have noticed a real improvement in my skin. I am 30 so I don't have lots of wrinkles but the Tua Spa keeps my skin looking fresh and I no longer have to have salon-facials.

    E. Bouvier , 28 Jun 2012    

    For years I have been troubled by spots on my neck and along my jaw. Within weeks of using the Tua Spa these have disappeared and my skin looks great. I can not praise the Tua Spa enough, I only wish I had been twenty when I had purchased it and not forty three! However its been a blessing, and I now have hardly any lines around my eye area. Again thank you.

    T.Selby , 24 May 2012    

    I have now been using [Tua Spa] for a few weeks, and I am loving it! Regarding the ultrasonic cleansing programmes, my Clarisonic is set to be listed on eBay now when I have a spare moment. I do not envisage picking it up again, as I get far superior results from the Tua Spa in terms of the clarity of my skin/pore-size. Another additional bonus of using the Tua Spa is that I can now enjoy the benefits of ultrasonic cleansing on my neck, which has really reduced the appearance of my necklace lines. Previously, I would have been reaching for the hydrocortisone cream within a matter of an hour or so if I had dared to use the Clarisonic on my neck, such was the reaction it would give! Ergonomically, the Tua Spa is far superior and is a pleasure to use; the Clarisonic is cumbersome and unwieldy by comparison, and because of this, is totally useless when it comes to cleaning areas such as the nose. All-in-all, I do not understand how the Clarisonic can continue to maintain its popularity when devices such as the Tua Spa are now on the market!"

    J. Thompson, Sheffield , 17 Apr 2012