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Case Studies

Joanna’s Story

* Joanna’s story began in 2005 when she attended one of Tina’s skincare workshops and began using Tua Viso, Tua Tre’nd’s “older sister.”  About three years ago, looking to purchase more sponges, she noticed Tina had a new tool called Tua Tre’nd.  Intrigued, she gave it some thought and decided to just go for it.  She made the investment and in her words...

“I haven’t looked back since.”

Everyone asks Joanna how old she is and she replies, “Well, I’m never going to see my 40’s again!” She doesn’t want to reveal her exact age (that is a woman’s prerogative, after all!) but she will tell you she has a 30-year-old son.  When people hear this they say...

“What? 30? They can hardly believe I have a son that age.”

Joanna largely thanks Tua Tre’nd for that.  According to her, it definitely comes into play as well as everything she learned from Tina’s workshop. Joanna is amazed by Tina’s knowledge and impressed that she delivers such personal attention.  

“I’ve seen the most improvement in my eyes and lower cheek area.”

You can feel the power of the device lifting the muscle.  I’ve seen the most improvement in the eye area because as you get older that is what gives you away first.  Also, my jowls have been lifted. 

“Why would anyone get a facelift?”

“Why get a facelift?  That doesn’t do anything for the musculature of the face. Tua Tre’nd works on the muscles without inflicting any injury.  I know people who have facelifts and have to keep going back to have more done. Eventually it becomes an obsession.”

“Now I just use my Tua Tre’nd when I feel I need it. “

Since using Tua Tre’nd has retrained her muscles, Joanna can rely on muscle memory to kick in when she notices a little slackness.  After using it a couple of times her face perks up immediately.

“I found that Tua Tre’nd is so easy to use.  It follows the contours of the face and just glides right over.  There is no guesswork as to where to place the wands because Tina explains everything so meticulously.  I saw results in just a couple of weeks but each person is different so others may see results more quickly or a little later than others. “

“I’ve never had an facial fillers, though I admit to thinking about it. But after seeing the results on other people I quickly changed my mind.  Because...

“You either live life or you don’t and it should show on your face.”

“When you think about it, really, once you reach a certain age your lines are there because you’ve earned them.  Everyone will have them as they get older.  Lines are a natural part of you. When you’re my age, nothing will make you look 20 again. You either live life or you don’t and it should show on your face.   It’s unnatural to completely wipe away any expression like a facelift does. Your expressions are a part of you. Tua Tre’nd helps you look younger the natural way.

My appearance has changed to match my outlook on life.  I raised my children all by myself and I became as much a part of their world as my own.  It helped keep me feeling young.” 

“Grab life by the horns and make the best of what you already have.”

We only have one life.  We have to grab it by the horns and make the best of what we have.  Tua Tre’nd is my way of doing that.  I have more confidence now that I know I look younger.  It’s better than all these creams and whatnots.  I don’t wear a lot of make up.    I wear eye make up and lipstick but that’s all.  Tua Tre’nd gives me a naturally smooth and rosy complexion.” 

“Get off the fence!”

For anyone thinking about Tua Tre’nd but are still on the fence, Joanna says, “Why?”  Just go for it!  With Tua Tre’nd, it’s a one-time investment.  You don’t need anything else.  You are in control of the tool itself and how you use it.  Use it everyday until the results are there.  Then you may have to use it once a week.  If you use it regularly enough you won’t look back.  I haven’t.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done myself. “

Joanna Steel, the far side of 50ish.

Amanda’s Story

* Amanda was delighted to notice results the first time she used her Tua Tre’nd.  “As you go along with it, it makes your skin plump up straight away and brightens the complexion.  It’s like you’re giving your skin a good work out.  You know how when you go to the gym, you feel good after working out? Tua Tre’nd delivers the same feeling to your face.”

“Now I like what I see when I look in the mirror.”

The biggest change Amanda has seen is around her eye and nose area.  Her eyes are brighter and more lifted.  The lines around her nose have diminished.  She feels more comfortable with the way she looks now.  “When you reach a certain age you start to feel uncomfortable when you look in the mirror.  Since using Tua Tre’nd I like what I see so I have more confidence.”

“My new confidence has given me the courage to start a beauty blog.”

“I’ve started a beauty blog and I would have never had the confidence to do that before.  I like to share with people that you don’t have to have fillers or facial muscle relaxants, you don’t have to use fillers, you can do things that will help stop the aging process and help you look younger without going down an invasive route.”

Tua Tre’nd was an investment I made in myself.  Whenever I’m looking at buying a product, I first look at the person selling it.  Tina’s face is absolutely amazing.  I can’t believe how old she is.  She’s so helpful as well. She and her team are always available on Facebook to answer questions and she sends out newsletters offering all kinds of tips.  Without a doubt, they are there to support you.  They always get back to you straight away.  There’s nothing worse than waiting days or weeks to get an answer to your question.”

“Invest in something that is going to make a difference.”

If you’re serious about your skin care regime, you really should invest in something that is going to make a difference.  Creams can only do so much.  Your face has more muscles than any other part of your body.  It’s like when you miss going to the gym for a while, your muscles get slack.  Tua Tre’nd is like a work out for your face.  You really have to invest in your skin care regime.”

Amanda Luke, 38

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