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How Tua Tre’nd Works

For a truly lifted and defined look that lasts, obviously, you need to treat more than the surface of your skin.  You can’t just run a current across your face and expect to turn back time. In order to recapture a youthful appearance, Dr. Paolorosso states:

In order to obtain a firmer face, it is not sufficient just to maintain the muscle and momentarily plump up the face; it is necessary to recover, or even better, increase the muscular field which has been lost. Nothing can increase muscle size but an active workout and electro stimulation.

Tua Tre’nd is designed to target and “work out” the less-used muscle fibres of your face.

What does that mean?  Well, the bottom line is this...when you use Tua Tre’nd your face will appear firmer, beautifully defined, with a dewy, youthful glow. I urge you to consider just how that would change the way you feel about your facial appearance right now.

But what is all the science stuff about muscle fibres? Think of it this way.

Your facial skin is attached to a “carpet” of muscles. Once you reach 40, the facial changes I mentioned earlier – sagging and drooping - become more noticeable because you loose facial fat and collagen.  This means a loss of plumpness and youthful curves to your face. It gets worse after menopause.  When you add to this the loss of elasticity due to reduced elastin production, you’re eventually left with folds and hollows in your skin.  Once your facial muscles lose their tone and compactness, then your face begins to sag because you don’t have a strong structural foundation.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Imagine trying to build a house on quick sand. Without a firm foundation, the house has nothing to stand on. It shifts, sags, and eventually falls. The same thing happens with your facial skin if the muscle foundation is weak. And...

What you may not realize is sagging and loss of tone is what ages you most.

That’s because your face loses definition - it looks tired, droopy, and… old. Just think of unattractive “basset hound” jowls. I’m sure you’ve seen the look.

So what to do? Well, the really good news is that Tua Tre’nd is specifically designed to zero in on these deep, hidden muscles in your face, tightening and toning them back into shape.

Think of it as a “mini-workout” – only for your face. You know when you’re exercising, how you can actually feel the muscles contracting? And if you keep it up for any length of time, the muscles become firmer, plumped up and more compact.

Now listen carefully…the same physics apply to your facial muscles as well!

But what about wrinkles?  Will exercising your face make lines and wrinkles worse?

In a word, no, though some popular brands of facelift devices would have you think so.  Look at it this way. If contracting muscles worsened lines and wrinkles, then every athlete in the world would look like a Shar Pei – you know, one of those excessively wrinkly (but adorable!) dogs you’ve probably seen.   

For a human example, think about stomach crunches.  Those dedicated people who crunch their abs to tighten, tone, and define them simply do not develop stomach wrinkles.  As a matter of fact, the opposite happens.  The skin over their abdomen is smooth and firm.  But if you do not exercise your abs, as you age the skin over your stomach will start to wrinkle. Just like your face will wrinkle if you do not exercise the muscles.

Here’s another example:

Imagine for a moment that facial muscles are a mattress and wrinkles are the blanket on top.  If you have a sagging mattress it will be rather difficult to get the blanket to lay smoothly on top.  But if you ‘firm up’ the mattress, it will help plump up the wrinkles and folds in the blanket.

According to Dr. Paolorosso...

When you exercise the correct facial muscles with Tua Tre’nd you are enhancing the muscles that pull upward and increasing the thickness of others, specifically those responsible for “marionette” lines, in order to fill in gaps.

With the exception of one, Tua Tre’nd exercises the facial muscles that pull upward so there is no danger of worsening facial lines.  The muscle that is pulled downward during the work out is actually thickening to fill in the gaps of the lines around the mouth.

You see the secret of Tua Tre’nd is in this little ‘sine wave’ microcurrent that creates precise muscle exercises specific for the muscles deep within your skin. And yes, you can actually feel it working… muscles contracting in a synchronised rhythm. It’s actually a very pleasant feeling, almost like a facial massage. 

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* "Just a quick note to let you know how delighted I am with my Tua Tre'nd. I'm coming up to 60 and have been using it for a while now. I am absolutely over the moon with the results. One of the most noticeable improvements are the lifting of the 'hoods' over the eyes. I only have 2 wishes - the first wish is that I'd started using the Tua Tre'nd at a much earlier age and the second wish is that I'd bought a second wand to go with it. Can't do anything about the first wish, but hopefully will be able to fulfill the second wish in the not too distant future. I recommend the Tua Tre'nd very highly".

Maria, Stafford, 2 May 2012

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