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How To Use Tua Tre’nd

Tua Tre’nd is practical and easy to use.

If you’re like me, your schedule can get pretty hectic rushing about with all you need to pack in a day. It’s so relaxing to curl up on the sofa while I work out my face watching TV. Part of the beauty of Tua Tre’nd is that it’s about the size of an iPod so it’s fun and simple to manage.

It’s so portable you can take it anywhere… on a plane, train, or automobile.  Going on holiday? Just pack your Tua Tre’nd right along with the travel iron! You can iron out wrinkles in your face as easily as your travel clothes.

It only takes minutes a day.

You can use it while you’re relaxing about watching your favourite television program, or snuggled in bed reading a book. Since you can easily manage Tua Tre’nd with one hand, you can even use it while checking your email.

There is no special equipment involved; it comes with everything you need to get started right away. It operates on 4 rechargeable AAA type batteries included in the kit. The only thing you’ll need to supply is a little water from your tap! How’s that for easy?

Once you’re ready to begin your first “workout session” you can refer to the quick reference mini – handbook that shows you exactly how to do the exercises. You may want to pop in the free DVD demo first, though. That way you can see for yourself exactly where and how to place the unit.

Don’t fret over using it correctly, every simple step is demonstrated for you.

It really is as simple as one, two, three.

  1. Moisten your sponges with your water bottle provided.
  2. Switch on the unit.
  3. Set your intensity level and place the wand on the area of your face to be treated first.

Then get ready for an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience. You’ll actually feel your facial muscles contracting…you can feel it working!

Tua Tre’nd has 5 workout programs, each with specific frequencies and contraction/recovery times for each of the five muscle areas according to muscle thickness and density. Follow the simple step-by–step guide and in about 30 minutes time (15 minutes if you have two wands), your first “facelift session” will be complete.

To give a kick start, use your Tua Tre'nd faithfully for at least 5 treatments per week for the first 3 months (if you have very stubborn jowls you can continue this 'kick start' program for as long as necessary), then start using every other day.  Eventually, you will drop back to 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

Day by day you’ll see the signs of ageing gradually and naturally disappear. It will be as if the clock just started turning backwards… instead of one day older you look much, much younger. Nothing fake or artificial… but natural. And what could be more beautiful than natural? 

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Fantastic to see my cheekbones again

* "Love this product. I started to see results after about two weeks of daily use. Using it can be uncomfortable at first so I found it best to start off gently and then increase the power as I got used to it. Actually, I bought it because of my sagging jaw line. It has tightened up this area. It also reduced the look of my sagging chin and reduced the sagging around my mouth which had given me a very stern looking mouth. The other thing I found was that my cheekbones look more refined. In my opinion this is well worth buying if you are starting to see sagging in the face which is changing how your face looks. I feel it has taken the tone of my face back to when I was in my mid thirties."

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