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Look Younger & More Attractive Naturally!

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I’m delighted to offer you a fabulous opportunity to look younger naturally with Tua Tre’nd, you'll be overjoyed with your results!

You’ll master this simple programme in just a few days. And you’ll be seeing such fabulous results you’ll eagerly invest 15-30 minutes a day to make sure it continues!

Results such as these…

  • A face that appears beautifully lifted, toned, and sculpted
  • Wrinkles that iron out as smooth as silk
  • Sagging skin that plumps and thickens
  • Under eye bags virtually eliminated
  • Dewy, radiant skin that just… glows.

The key to a more youthful you is right at your fingertips. There really is no reason to wait a minute longer.

Please be sure you check out the entire programme, including the demo video or DVD. It will guide you each step of the way. Give your face an amazing workout and see for yourself how simple and easy Tua Tre’nd is to use.

Here is what you’ll receive when Tua Tre’nd arrives at your door

  • 1 Tua Tre’nd device including facial wand with 2 sponges
  • 4 x rechargeable batteries (1.2V 750mA AAA type)
  • Mains adaptor/Battery charger (Input: AC 240V~50Hz. Output: DC7.5V – 200mA 1.5 VA)
  • Water Dispenser Bottle
  • 6 x spare contact sponges
  • Instruction Handbook
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Demonstration DVD
  • Travel Bag

I’m certain you’ll be absolutely thrilled with Tua Tre’nd.

Get started with your Tua Tre’nd today.

Tua Tre’nd will make a difference in the way you present yourself to the world.

The thing about a positive change in your appearance is that it spills into every area of your life. Many women just like you have told me that Tua Tre’nd gave them the confidence to travel new roads and make decisions they couldn’t have made before. Tua Tre’nd can be a part of renewing yourself. Renew yourself and you can renew your life.

At the end of the day, we’re talking about more than a 30-minute exercise for your face. It’s all about how you see and feel about yourself…and how others see you as well.

I know you’ll be thrilled with what Tua Tre’nd has to offer.


And for only an extra £42, you can introduce a second wand and work both sides of your face simultaneously, halving your workout time to just 15 minutes per day! This saves you over 6 hours per month (and a huge 72hrs per year), imagine what you could do in those extra 72 hours!

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Tua Tre'nd - Single Wand £209.00