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I've been using tua trend for around 2 years now and i can honestly say it really works! I stopped using it about 8 weeks ago to try another newer gadget but I've noticed since i stopped using the tua trend my skin is starting to sag and has lost it's radiand it's back to using the tua trend for me! I really regret even thinking about swapping it for something else.

Christalla Constantinides , 10 Jul 2018    

The Tua Trend machine is one of the best beauty purchases I have ever made. I bought it for myself when I turned 50 a few years ago, and have never regretted it! I look years younger and feel so much more confident and happy at what I see in the bathroom mirror! I recommend it wholeheartedly. I also think Tina Richards is a fabulous company - excellent service from the same lady, Ljana, all these years, including very efficient mailing of sponges and advice on the phone. When the machine needed repair it was all done in a jiffy. One of the best products and small companies around!

Lucy , 4 Jan 2018    

“I am just writing to tell you that a few weeks ago I misplaced my lovely Tua Tre'nd facial toner and was devastated. I had the house upside down but couldn't find it so in the end I purchased another one (a demo model). In the meantime I saw some good friends and she went on and on about my skin like how smooth it looked. So she is intending to order one of these facial toner's too. However in the meantime I have found my mislaid toner and am now giving it to my daughter. I am so happy that I have found it although it cost me to buy another one, but glad that my daughter can try it out. So in other words I have no news or questions to talk to you about but I just wanted you to know how I love this facial toner and that even at 78 my skin is looking so much better (and a tad younger dare I say!). Also my daughter can have this one towards her Christmas present. I just thought I would tell you as it is sometimes nice to have good comments about one's products and to tell you how happy I am with my product and the fact that I have found the previous one!!!”

Iris , 6 Nov 2017    

I look 20 years younger with this product been using it for about 12 years thanks .

Denna , 17 Oct 2017    

My wife has been using the Tua Tre'nd device for many many years - do not even remember for how long exactly. I think it's time now to say thank you Tina for the machine: still works, still in use and, most importantly, still enjoy looking at my wife's young face.

Alexey , 16 Oct 2017    

I been using 2 years I love it thanks to Tina. ??

, 10 Oct 2017    

I have used the Tua Trend face unit for about 7 year's now. My face is firmer and much more clear then it used to be. I Love it and it's so easy to use. Unfortunately I dropped it on a tiled floor and broke it. I was so cross with my self. I Phoned to order a new Tua Trend and the customer service were very helpful and friendly. I can't wait to receive my new Tua Trend, and will be more careful in future. It's worth every penny.

Gaynor Knowles , 25 Jul 2017    

I just wanted to say how much I am loving the Tua Trend...I am 47 years old and I have been using it every day for three weeks now.I can already see my jowly jawline starting to tighten. Also I had previously talked about fillers for my chin area but in only three short weeks this area no longer needs filling out as Tua Trend has done it for me. Amazing ...amazing....amazing....well worth the money.

Tracy , 24 Jul 2017    

I recently purchased a Tua Tre’nd as a replacement for my Tua Viso which I had used regularly and was really pleased with. I am pleased to say I am delighted with the new model, particularly the way the 5 areas are treated in different ways, a great benefit, and as I bought an additional wand I can save time by treating both sides of my face simultaneously. I know I will love using the Tre'nd as much as the Tua Viso and am sure I'll be just as happy (if not more ) with the results.

Sue Hopkins , 14 Feb 2017    

This device has change my life I look younger .20 years younger thank you happy..thank you so you Xxxxx

Marcyyousaf , 10 Feb 2017    

I am totally over the moon with the Tua Tre’nd and cannot recommend the product or the company highly enough.

Paula , 15 Sep 2016    

Just wanted to say how much I love my Tua Tre’nd. Bought it 3 months ago & used it each day since with great results that I can see for myself as well as friends commentating that I look so good.

Linda , 10 Feb 2016    

I have only been using Tua Tre'nd for 2 weeks and today my brother was astonished when he saw me. His exact words were "Wow.. what have you done to your face? it looks lifted and you look younger!!" I proudly told him about my Tua Tre'nd... Thanks

Christalla , 29 Sep 2015    

Dear Tina, I purchased Tua Tre’nd a few weeks ago and I just want to express my utter joy and astonishment this little gadget has converted an incurable cynic like me! To begin with, I think it is only fair to say that I am anything but gullible and probably the most sceptical person that the world has ever seen. I never believe any claims made by various advertising companies for a fad diet that leads to losing a miraculous amount of weight and nor have I ever tried a single anti-aging cream/serum etc. in my life simply because I am convinced that they would never work. My own background is in law as I am both a barrister and a solicitor. Therefore, due to the nature of my work and having vast experience of dealing with various nefarious ne’er do wells, I can spot a gimmick from several miles away! I am quite scientific-minded and I always need hard data with extensive research and repeated clinical trials before I would be even persuaded to look at a product let alone buy it or use it! It was thus with a lot of reluctance that I decided to try some of the anti-aging machines which claim to transform you into something very attractive and youthful just by using it for a few minutes a day. I tried for a few days four different ones and then returned each single one as there were always some major drawbacks to the machine itself which the manufacturers very conveniently left out. I was therefore not really holding my breath when I decided to buy Tua Tre’nd as I thought that I would just try it and then return it like the rest. What I instantly liked about this machine was that it was very simple to use, there were no endless array of wires or leads sticking out, no annoying sticky pads which lose adhesion after a couple of uses, there was no mystery as to where to place the machine since the contractions let you know by the way the current feels how it should be placed and you can so easily adjust it if the “feel” is not right. The pads are long lasting and although I have now been using the machine for every day for the last two weeks, I still do not need to change the pads. In addition, another fantastic plus factor when compared to other similar machines is that you do not need to wash your face before using it which simplifies life even more. I am really really delighted not just with the product but also, or even more so, with what it does. To my utter amazement, IT ACTUALLY DOES WORK! I am astonished at the difference I have noticed within such a short time!!! I thought that it was the placebo effect that I was beginning to notice a tightening of the skin and lifting of the face but no other person than my dozy son, who is normally completely oblivious of what goes in my life and who is not very perceptive to say the least, commented that I was looking different. When I pressed him on “how different”, he elaborated in his usual monosyllabic, reticent fashion by saying that “I don’t know, younger different”. That day I was on cloud nine all day and I wish I had not been so cynical as not to even think of taking a “before” photo. In all honesty, I always believed, and I still believe, that the “before” photos are a con for any product and as that is how the person looks in reality but the “after” photos are how they used to look many years ago! I was fully convinced that I would have to return Tua Tre’nd as well like the rest and I was merely satisfying my curiosity when I purchased it. I am really astounded how effective it is and how simple it is to use. I returned the Slendtone face toner without even getting it fully out of the box as it seemed so small, uncomfortable and fragile. I never thought that something so easy and practical to use and so economical to run without expensive adhesive gels or pads could be so brilliantly effective. It really is a phenomenal product and a wonderful testament to the ingenuity of those fabulous brains that developed it. Thank you so much for giving me something that I am going to use and treasure for the rest of my life and for making a world-weary cynic a convert and a believer!!!

Nabeela , 21 Aug 2015    

I have been using the Tua Trend now for 6 months and love how its lifted my face, my cheekbones, neck ,eyebrows and even my lips are lifted and fuller! Im 50 and was told by a beautician i look 40! I also use the retinol face cream they sell and find that really good as well! I love their customer service too,really helpfull and informative!! Dont waste your money on expensive face creams, just buy Tua Visa /trend and retinol if you want to take 10 years off your face!!! :)

Alison , 4 Aug 2015    

I have been using my Tua Trend for about four years and I am delighted with the results. I have hardly any lines around my eyes now and my jawline and cheekbones are firm and defined. I enjoy my morning ritual of exercising my face with my Tua Trend, it's easy and quick and the results are fantastic!

Lyndon , 14 Apr 2015    

Tina Richards, all I can say is ......I am no longer trapped in my old face..............Thank you. x

Jayne Alv , 10 Nov 2014    

If someone offered me £2,000 for my tua trend, on condition that I could never own one again - i would refuse. Enough said!

Gail Murray , 22 Aug 2014    

I first started using Tua Trend almost five years ago. I don't believe my skin would look so smooth and plump at my age (60 next week) had I not been using this fantastic device. It really is so easy to use. First thing in the morning, sitting in bed with a cup of tea, watching the news, I use my Tua, its as simple as that and my face feels fab afterwards! It's the first thing I pack when I'm going away. I have no hesitations in recommending the Tua Trend. Thank you Tina.

Lesley, Devon , 29 Jul 2014    

I received my Tua Trend last Saturday i have used for the last 5 days the results are amazing I am so pleased I purchased the Tua. My face has firmed and lifted already I can't wait to see the results after 12 weeks. I would recommend this to anybody it is worth every penny. What an investment I have had muscle relaxants and fillers in the past I will never have again after finding this little miracle devise. Love it! Thanks Tina Richards.

Gill, Cardiff , 4 Jul 2014    

I have been using Tua Tre'nd face for a few years now ! I can't do without it. The first time I used it I noticed that my nr.11 disappeared after 5 days of usage. I am 70 years old and people say I look 50. I can only tell everyone to give this incredible little device a go and see what a difference it makes to your skin when used regularly. I wouldn't be without it !

Tina, Aylesbury , 27 Jun 2014    

Hi my name is Vera, I am 66 years old and I have used Tua tre'nd for 4 years now and I must say it's the best product I have used yet for toning my face and neck. I have used others but this the best yet. It is so simple to use plus you can target problem areas like the neck and chin area. I would recommend this to anyone and any age group. Vera, Ireland,

Vera, Ireland , 27 Jun 2014    

I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You need to commit to actually using it on a regular basis but its so easy in front of the TV. I am 49 and I am continually mistaken for 28. No surgery just Tua Tre'nd. Go on take the plunge. Thank you Tina.

Mrs Yousaf, Oxford, , 27 Jun 2014    

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