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Tua Tre’nd The Better Way

If you want to reduce facial sagging and smooth out wrinkles ... diminish jowls, pouches, eye bags... lift and re-vitalize a droopy brow, hooded upper eye area... diminish crows feet, plump flat cheeks and naso labial folds, and tighten a sagging jaw line.... you must go much deeper beneath the surface. 

Thankfully, there are ways to plump, firm up, and give your face a more lifted look so that you have a youthful, attractive symmetry. Presently, you have 3 choices: surgery, fillers, or facial exercise.  Let’s take a brief look at each.

Plastic surgery is not the answer for a natural, youthful look.

A surgical face-lift may, if you’re one of the lucky ones, give good results the first time.  However, it is not a one time, permanent fix – nothing is.  Those sneaky little nicks and tucks have to be tweaked and maintained. That’s where you may run into trouble.  And if your doctor had a row with his wife the day of the surgery, you could have some devastating results the first time around. I won't belabour the point but no doubt you've seen some unfortunate soul with a 'wind tunnel' look.  Enough said. 

The downside of fillers.

Fillers may work well the first time, too. But they have a downside. There is the risk of an allergic reaction or possibly permanent little bumps under the skin. And while you may love the lush, full look of Angelina Jolie's lips, if the doctor injects too much of the wrong filler you could be left with an unattractive permanent trout-pout or pillow face. Not very attractive, right?

There is a better way.

In your heart, you know there must be a better way: a truly effective, safe, and proven way to prevent and reverse the effects of restore your youthful appearance, your confidence, and energetic zest for life. 

Well, guess what.  You’re absolutely right.

This brings me to what I passionately believe to be the best solution.  One that is backed by scientific research and physicians alike.  A solution that puts you – not some doctor possibly having a bad day - in control of how you look. This key harnesses the power of technology to achieve results even superior to an effective, but time-tested technique.

Facial exercises for a natural, youthful, more lifted look.

You see if you want a naturally youthful look, you need symmetrical, plump curves to your face and firm, smooth, glowing skin.  Facial exercises help you achieve this natural looking, firmer, tauter, more lifted and youthful looking face and neck. 

However, manual facial exercises can be very tiresome.  Let’s face it; it takes a lot of work to learn exactly which muscles to work and then to actually do the programme correctly.  And if you do the programme incorrectly, you could easily make things worse.

With this one of a kind non-surgical facelift machine, you’ll be shocked (in a great way!) by the transformation in your appearance. It’s so incredibly simple to use and with the step-by-step guide I provide you, it’s virtually fool proof!

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The Fantastic Results Just Keep Coming

* "I am so delighted with my Tua Tre'nd that I wanted to say 'thank you'. I've been using it 5 times a week for 6 weeks now and the fantastic results just keep coming. I have suffered with puffiness under my eyes for the past 15 years (I am now 57) and all the creams in the world, cold tea bags, ice packs, etc. did nothing to reduce them. However, after only 3 days of using the Tua Tre'nd I saw a remarkable improvement and the puffiness has now totally disappeared under one eye and is only very slight under the other. That for me was a great result but the fact that my whole face is gradually improving is the cherry on the icing as I hadn't realised how my face had obviously aged over the years. I actually met up with some friends last week that I haven't seen for over a year and all 9 of them (male and female) commented on how good I looked.

I would strongly recommend the Tua Tre'nd to anyone and can confirm that the initial discomfort with teeth that contain fillings, etc. quickly disappears. I would add that I'm so glad I bought an extra wand - I have no problem finding 15 minutes a day to go through all the exercises but doubt that I would have used it so regularly (even every day some weeks) if I'd had to have found 30 minutes.

It's very unusual to buy a product and find that it meets all that it claims to do so - I'm so glad I did!

Many thanks to you and all your team.

D.Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire, 13 Jul 2012

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