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Tua Tre’nd Vs Other Leading Machines

Introducing Tua Tre’nd
a modern, safe, effective way to age your face BACKWARDS

Tua Tre’nd is a spectacular little facelift machine which, in my expert opinion AND the opinion of medical professionals, will firm up, restore youthful looking tone, and give your face a lifted appearance far better than any other device on the market.  I’ve received countless testimonials from women of all walks of life, and celebrities as well, whom will attest to that fact.

* "I have been very impressed with Tua Tre'nd. It is so easy to use and the results are remarkable! So much so in fact that my husband has been borrowing it and using it too!"

Tamzin Outhwaite, actress

Actually, many celebrities use Tua Tre’nd including a very famous international supermodel we have to keep tight-lipped about!

Now, of course, there are other non-surgical facelift devices available.  Perhaps you’ve heard of a few or tried out some for yourself, with lackluster results.  This, coupled with so many conflicting claims, well, it’s natural if you feel skeptical.  I understand.  After all, you can hardly turn on the TV, pick up a magazine, or browse the Internet without an avalanche of false claims, hype and hoopla about how to look younger.  Frankly, if you’re like me, you’re rather tired of it all.

Well, here’s some more good news.  I’m about to cut through the confusion.

The real scoop on nonsurgical facelift machines.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how technology has become entrenched in our daily lives.  You’ve probably walked down a busy street bustling with activity and noticed people texting away on their smart phone.  I know I see it all the time. My point is it’s only logical that technology has found its way into the at home anti-ageing arena as well.

So how do facelift machines work?  I’m not going into a lot of technical jargon, but in order for you to make a smart decision, you need to know about your choices.  Believe me when I say all facelift machines are not the same.

The majority of facelift devices work by way of a microcurrent.  Before we go further, let’s get clear on what a microcurrent actually is.  I don’t want to bore you with a lot of “science speak” but basically, the term “microcurrent” has no scientifically defined meaning.  It simply refers to a very low intensity current, no matter the shape of the wave or frequency. 

Tua Tre’nd vs. other leading machines

Feature Tua Tre'nd Slender Tone Face CACI Microlift

Portable, about the size of an iPod, comes with 1 or 2 attachable, patented contact wands with ergonomic design that allows for positioning on all facial areas. The large contact area of the wand means less precision is necessary. The wand can glide smoothly along the entire length of the program area stimulating the relevant facial muscles to contract as it glides - Tua Tre'nd is the only device in the world that can do this.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 on QVC

Portable, hand held controller with headband. Headset remains stationary in one area during the workout.


Rated 3.3 out of 5 on QVC

Hand held unit with 4 electrode probes. Unit pinches or glides over the face.


Rated 2.9 out of 5 on QVC

Uses Microcurrent

Yes – targets facial muscles and the neck to tighten, tone, and increase microcirculation

Targets particular areas of concern on the face and neck eg. if saggy jowls are your concern you can give them maximum attention

Yes – targets facial nerve which controls facial muscles but not the neck muscles

Limited muscle contraction - generalised workout for face only

Yes – the microcurrent travels across the surface of the skin but doesn't contract the muscle.
Contracts Muscles

Yes – contracts the facial and neck muscles, particularly the less used fibres for a firmer, tauter, more lifted looking face

Deep tissue muscle workout with option to build up to stronger contractions

Yes - muscle stimulation firms and tones the face (does not work on the neck)

Subtle contractions 

Adjustable Microcurrent Intensity Yes Yes Yes
Can Be Used On Neck Yes No Yes
Additional Treatment Areas Décolleté and back of hands. No No
Needs Special Gels, Lotions, Chemicals No – uses plain tap water as a conduit Yes – uses gel pads Yes – uses Electro Buds with active ingredients
Silent Use Mode Yes – very useful for when you want to do your workout whilst watching TV or sitting up in bed No No
Warranty 1 year 2 year 1 year

Now, here in lies a chief difference in many of the leading devices.  If the microcurrent is a current with a very low intensity, say less than one millionth of an amp, the effect of the current is limited to the skin’s surface and very slightly beneath. The muscles beneath the face do not contract. This means you will only see temporary results that are short-lived.  Surprised? Don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what Dr. Andrea Paolorosso, medical surgeon, specialist in Dermatology and Verneology at Bologna University, has to say:

“Devices that use a microcurrent that runs only along the skin surface and diffuses very slightly into underlying muscle affect only the skin’s surface and microcirculation (delivery of warm blood to tiny blood vessels).  This increase in microcirculation causes an increase in warm blood and thus a rise in temperature.  In fact, the treated area generally turns red.  As for an aesthetic outcome, this microcurrent causes a sudden but temporary edema so that the treated area looks firmer.  As soon as the microcirculation gets back to normal, however, the treated area returns to its original condition.”

In other words, you’re right back where you started.

What Tua Tre’nd can do for you >

“For All The Doubters Out There”

* “This is just a quick note to all the doubters out there - I was one of you! However, I'm up for trying anything, so for the last month I have been 'electrocuting' [with Tua Tre'nd] myself every single day, much to the amusement of my family. The results are unbelievable. I am 43 and with reasonably good skin, but I had started to notice sagging of the skin at the jaw line and deepening naso-labial lines. Not only have these areas of concern improved immensely, but my skin looks a lot tighter, brighter, plumper and smoother overall. I am amazed!!!"

E. Dulguerov, Crewe

* Testimonials appearing on this site are received from real customers via text, audio, photo or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. Customer feedback is provided voluntarily, and it is based on individual perception & expectations from a particular product.

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