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Tua Viso (9V Battery) Ex-Demo

Tua Viso Rechargeable Ex-Demo


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Tua Viso lifts, tones, sculpts, reduces wrinkles and prevents sagging by targeting the less-used muscle fibres of the face. Your unique facial contours and planes will gradually re-appear just like when you were years younger.

Tua Viso scores 10/10 in an independent test by ITV's THIS MORNING program.

Interested in the newer version of the Tua Viso, discover Tua Tre'nd here.

Tua Viso (9V Battery) Ex-Demo Unit in slightly used condition with new accompanying accessories & full warranty.

Tua Viso Rechargeable Ex-Demo Unit in slightly used condition with new accompanying accessories & full warranty.

Tua Viso Rechargeable - EX-DEMO - 50% OFF

£70.00 £140.00

Tua Viso (9V Battery) - EX-DEMO - 50% OFF

£65.00 £130.00

  • About Tua Viso

    -  Plumps up your facial muscles, giving your face the crucial substance, structure and support it needs to maintain its youthful appearance Lifts the hoods from your eyes so you look fully alert and sparkling with energy
    -  Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, so that your skin becomes thicker, more robust and smoother
    -  Increases lymph drainage, which helps to eliminate under eye bags
    -  Gives you dewy and radiant complexion, due to the increased oxygenation, nutrition and detoxification of your skin
    -  Is proven to work, by advanced independent clinical research
    -  Is so easy to use that excellent results can really be achieved (say goodbye to gels, lotions, sticky pads, wires or metal on skin discomfort
    -  Saves you a fortune in cosmetic surgery and expensive creams
    -  1 year warranty
    -  100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Tua Viso resembles a cordless telephone in shape and features two electrodes that work neatly and simply with soft, changeable sponges and water from your own tap.

    The practical design of Tua Viso makes it easy to hold, keeping the regulator wheel under constant control with your thumb or forefinger, and positioning the electrodes on any part of the face without effort.

    Tua Viso can be taken anywhere. Its compact dimensions, light weight, battery power and illuminated panel enable easy use anywhere and in any situation - even in the dark! You can use it while you’re relaxing about watching your favorite television program, or curled up in bed reading a book. Since you can easily manage Tua Viso with one hand, you can even use it while doing chores around the house or checking your email.

    Consistency of use is the key to you achieving and maintaining dramatic lift and tone, made all the more straightforward by Tua Viso’s ergonomic design.

    Tua Viso Research 

    Tua Viso has been subjected to stringent scientific testing and medical research.

    An independent clinical trial conducted at Bologna University, has shown visible facial lift and redefinition after 10 days of use with Tua Viso.

    Tua Viso has been designed using cutting-edge computerised systems and sophisticated laboratory instruments for measuring and control.

    Tua Viso has numerous Industrial Invention Patents and complies with the most stringent international standards and quality controls (UNI-EN-ISO 9001 and UNI-EN-ISO 13485). Tua Viso is also certified in accordance with European Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.

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    Past Reviews

    l have just bought the Trend, having used the Tua Viso since it came out.My Tua Viso is still going and only once did l have to ask my electrician friend to tighten up a connection in all of those years.Otherwise it has continued to work perfectly and to a very worthwhile effect, as long as you keep it up.I shall be returning to leave a review of the Trend after a month of using it.In the meantime what l can already say is that the customer service here is fantastic.Quick efficient and very polite yet friendly.This company shows great confidence in itself by offering excellent terms of purchase and no sign of quibbling when doing business.l admire the fact that Tina Richards is investing in employing enough people with a high standard of intelligence, training and people skills to make sure that customers are really well looked after.The hours of trade allow you to call and speak to an agent after work and without holding on for ever for someone to attend to you. !t really helps to be able to speak directly and easily to someone who knows their job.I am looking forward to trying out my Trend, which ,to my astonishment ,arrived today,only 36 hours after ordering.

    Maya Sendall , 31 May 2016    

    I have used the Tua Trend for two years and found it to be the most effect product for anti aging. Previously I was having fillers but found it was costing too much and I wasn't always completely happy with the results. A friend told me about Tua and persuaded me to buy one, I'm so glad I did! I regularly get lovely comments about how well I look and how smooth my skin is. I have always looked after my skin with diet and good skincare but one can't stop the reduction in firmness to the skin, Tua has made a noticeable improvement. I use it at least four times a week but initially everyday for a couple of months. I wouldn't be without my Tua Trend. I'm so pleased I was recommended to buy one

    Sharon , 26 May 2016    

    I am using the TV now for 10 days and today I have noticed a small miracle. I have high cheeks, but a bit swollen and have also some sagging. That improves the appearance of my under eye hollows. But today I have looked in the mirror and was amazed. First I thought I look relaxed. Then I noticed that my under eye area and upper cheek area are smoothed out. So you don’t see a border between cheeks and under eye area. Cheeks look lifted and less swollen, that’s why my under eye hollows improved. They are still noticeable, but that is genetically... a slight under eye hollow is okay for me. Will see how it works and in 6 weeks I will write a feedback on amazon Germany.

    Nour, Germany , 3 Jul 2014    

    I would like to thank you for TUA VISO, I do believe it works. Before using it I went to Eva Frazer Facial Exercise lessons, and TUA VISO is based on the same technical idea. I also saw Dr Nickolas Lowe, because I was contemplating fillers, (silly me), his words were, 'I don't know what your doing but keep doing it', I told him about facial exercises but don't think he was very convinced. Once again I would like to thank you, and hope one day to have the pleasure of meeting you. Best wishes.

    Elena Roig, 60, Ruislip , 27 Jun 2014    


  • Tua Viso Charger Adaptor

  • Tua Viso Rechargeable Battery


    Tua Viso Water Bottle


    Tua Viso Bayonet Screw - (includes 2 screws)


    Tua Viso Rubber Reservoir Caps - (includes 2 caps)


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