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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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TUA Silver
Body-Beautiful Partner to Tua Viso

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About Tua Silver

Tua Silver is in fact a double electrostimulator featuring 2 independent channels. The central pod unit can be used independently thanks to the cords provided and to the gel adhesive electrodes which can be comfortably applied to the body, or else together with the practical belt which, thanks to the patented Rotofit System with water sponges, can be worn and has an immediate effect on muscles and is simply to apply…

TUA Silver is easy:

after having wet the electrodes' sponges with normal water from the water container supplied, these are positioned on the required part of the body, the velcro is fastened and TUA Silver is ready for use. Impulses output and intensity are regulated by means of a special knob; a green LED lights up to signal impulse emission. An adjustable velcro extension allows TUA Silver to be positioned in any area of the body.

TUA Silver is safe:

it is battery-operated and is supplied with a long lasting 9 Volt alkaline battery which can be immediately replaced.

TUA Silver is made by a leading manufacturer of professional equipment widely used in hospitals, medical, physiotherapy and beauty medicine centres.

TUA Silver wherever you want:

the handy belt shape and lack of external units, connector wires or plugs means it can be used easily and immediately; just put it on. It can be used in any situation: at home, at work, in the car, anywhere.

TUA Silver for the whole body:

for effective passive gymnastics, for firming, slimming, shaping and lifting.

Tua Silver is based on a particular system of sponge coated electrodes, which has been designed to make its use easy and immediate. Each electrode consists of:

- easily washed and disinfected PVC shell
- stainless steel conductor
- washable interchangeable sponge
- removable locking ring which snaps back into place

The additional control pod and adhesive electrodes allow for additional areas to be treated including upper arms, bust, calf muscles and the back.  Tua Silver is a whole body treatment solution.

The Rotofit system:

To achieve deep and effective muscle stimulation, it is most important that the muscle groups be exercised taking into account their shape, size and position.
Rotofit  is the patented system for immediately positioning the electrode pairs on the various muscle groups according to their natural anatomy.

The electrodes in each pair slide along the flexible support clip, to move them closer together or farther apart.

The sliding, distance adjustable electrode pairs can be rotated on their pivot to any angle.

Rotofit is curved to adapt to the curved parts of the body and flexible to adapt to the flat parts.

The electrode pairs slide back and forth on their strap, to vary the distance between them.


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