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"Hello, I received my Tua Viso 2 weeks ago and have been using it ever since.  I don't...

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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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TUA Silver
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How Tua Silver works

To obtain deep, effective muscular stimulation, it is fundamental that the muscle bundles be worked taking into account their shape, dimension and positioning.  Rotofit® is the patented system that allows immediate placement of the electrode pairs on the various muscle groups, depending on their anatomy. 

The passage of microcurrent through the skin via the electrodes passively causes the muscles directly underneath the electrode pairs to rhythmically contract and relax, deeply yet comfortably.  The microcurrent also increases the cellular metabolism of the soft tissues overlying muscle aiding in smoothing and firming the look of the skin at the body’s surface. 

Furthermore, the sliding electrodes in the Rotofit system allow distance setting and are completely positionable, for considerable enlargement of the surface treated, with evident advantages for problems like cellulite, which tend to cover extensive areas.  The Rotofit system, contained in the practical Tua 360° carrying case, is the most effective system for passive exercising. 

If used regularly, even for just a few minutes a day, you will see evident, appreciable results by four weeks.  



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