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RED MAGAZINE says "shown to help expand and build up facial muscles, lessening the appearance...

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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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TUA Silver
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Tua Silver FAQ

Q. How long does it take to see results?
A. As our bodies are individually different the results are different for each individual. Results will also depend on frequency of use and starting muscle tone.
For the best results use 3 times weekly on a particular area using the required programme. For toning up the muscle groups use only SLIM and TONE programs for a period of 3-4 weeks.
You should see results within the first 8-10 weeks as a conservative estimate. Gentle exercise (such as walking) should also be followed regularly during this time.

Q. How can I ‘boost’ results?
A. Electro stimulation induced exercise can be compared to active gymnastics. The durations and frequency of the sessions are therefore subjective. It is best to keep to the instructions as per the handbook. Do not exceed 30 minutes per session on each muscle group.
Following an initial period (about 3-4 sessions) required by the muscles to adapt to a new training method, intensity can be regulated to maximum levels to upgrade results.

Q. Is it normal for my skin to go slightly pink after using the Tua Silver?
A. Electro Stimulation causes reddening of the skin where the electrodes are placed, especially in the case of persons with sensitive skin. Such reddening is perfectly normal and usually disappears quickly.
The Tua Silver is also promoting oxygenation and de-toxifying the skin cells. The slightly pink colouration shows the oxygenation of the skin cells.

Q. Where can Tua Silver not be used?
A. • In case of allergy to the electrode gel, suspend treatment and see a doctor. Do not apply the electrodes to areas with hyperpigmentation (moles) or varicose veins. 
• Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breasts, but to the muscles which support them. 
• Do not use in intimate areas, under the armpits, in the groin or behind the knees. 
• Do not use on the abdomen of expectant mothers.

Q. When can Tua Silver not be used?
A. Tua Silver should not be used on children, people with pace-makers or those in poor psychophysical conditions or with physiological or organic disorders. The appliance is not suited for wearers of metal prostheses or aorto abdominal bypasses.
Do not apply in transthoracic mode to prevent interference with heart frequency.

Q. What are the dimensions of the electrodes?
A. Dimensions of adhesive gel electrodes: 3.5 x 4.5cm or 9 x 4cm 
Minimum electrode surface: 15 sq cm


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