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“Long term use of electrical stimulation causes skin to appear thicker and more youthful,...

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"What I love about Tua Spa is that after only a few treatments your skin appears more refined, firmer and prettier. And it’s quick! Treatments take minutes!”

Tina Richards

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TUA Silver
Body-Beautiful Partner to Tua Viso

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TUA Silver
The Body-Beautiful Partner to Tua Viso or Tua  tre'nd 'buy now' below

 6 Specific Body Programs:
 Tone, Slim, Lipocell, Mass, Strength and Relax

TUA Silver is a body beautifier that incorporates hydro electronic microcurrent technology in the same way as Tua Viso and Tua tre'nd.

 Latest Customer Review

"Even though I have only been using the Tua Silver for about a month, I have already noticed that my thighs and arms are starting to look toned and the appearance of cellulite is reduced. I use it on those areas that are difficult to slim even with regular exercise. It’s easy and pleasant to use – normally whilst I am watching TV. I find the Silver so relaxing I have even fallen asleep whilst using it; it’s safe as it shuts itself off when the treatment is finished!"
Yvonne, Essex.

Tua Silver is in fact a double electrostimulator featuring 2 independent channels: The central pod unit can be used independently thanks to the cords provided and to the gel adhesive electrodes, which can be comfortably applied to the body, or else used together with the practical belt which thanks to the patented Rotofit System with water sponges, can be worn and has an immediate effect on muscles and is simple to apply…

6 Programs for Slimming, Toning and Sculpting your Body

TUA Silver has 6 different microcurrent programs: Slim, Tone, Lipocell, Mass, Strength and Relax.

TUA Silver is a professional-grade treatment designed for toning up and tautening your buttocks; for firming and giving your breasts a more lifted appearance; for noticeably improving the look of localised cellulite; for toning your stomach and improving the look of your waistline; and for slimming and shaping your thighs. TUA Silver is also for relaxing your muscular system.

Best results are achieved by also following a healthy balanced diet and getting some general physical exercise such as brisk walking. In a nutshell, TUA Silver is the must-have tool for focusing on stubborn wobbly areas which you want to intensively work on to improve their appearance.

The Tua Silver Unit

TUA Silver consists of an electronic control unit (pod) which generates a train of modulated square wave impulses specifically studied to obtain an effective, pleasurable muscular contraction, plus two pairs of Rotofit system electrodes on the patented practical belt. Use TUA Silver for slimming, toning and scultpting your body.

Advanced Technology

Tua Silver is a cutting-edge technology electrostimulator with lots of different functions, but at the same time designed for easy use. Selecting functions is even easier: just two buttons make it possible to select from among the available options.

The Tua Silver Belt

The belt, which features a Velcro extension for larger areas, has two pairs of Rotofit system electrodes with water sponges. This patented system permits easy and immediate positioning of the electrodes on the body. By sliding on the support clips in fact, the electrodes can be moved near or away from each other and turn in all directions; the 2 support clips, which are curved to better adapt to body curves and flexible to better adapt to the flat areas, are able to slide on the sliding belt to change their distance according to the specific application.

The Tua Silver belt has soft contact sponges (hand washable) and uses water from your tap to conduct the microcurrent. The belt utilises the innovative patented Rotofit® system, scientifically developed and clinically tested.


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