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Tweezy Facial Hair Remover

Just bend it and twist....  It's easy Tweezy! 

Tweezy is a facial hair removal device that removes hair without the need for chemicals, heat, an external power source, or strenuous effort. Durable, reusable, and portable, Tweezy provides gentle and effective DIY hair removal at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional hair removal procedures.


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    Unwanted facial hair can now be eliminated from the roots quickly and effectively within the privacy of the home, at work, while on vacation, riding public transportation, or practically anywhere, anytime you need to get the job done!

    Tweezy is intuitive and easy to use with a simple bend and twist action, and does not require a mirror. It is suitable for women and men of all ages and hair/skin types who have unwanted facial hair on areas such as the upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin, jawline and the neck.





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    Past Reviews

    This product is brilliant. After years of bleaching and waxing I have finally found something so easy and nearly pain free to use. I was dubious initially but would not be without my Tweezy.

    Stella Jenkins, Inverness , 22 Sep 2014    

    This product is genius and is a tool we each should have in our makeup bag at all times!

    Pixiwoo.Com , 22 Sep 2014    

    A brilliant new way of removing unwanted facial hair at home: the Tweezy

    Sarah Vine, Daily Mail , 22 Sep 2014    

    “For that fine facial rug, those rogue moustachio strands and the witchetty chin-straglers, arm yourself with this slinky little beast.”

    Annabel Rivkin, Es Magazine , 15 Sep 2014