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"Hi, I have really enjoyed using the Tua Viso during the last few weeks and am pleased to say that I noted immediate and considerable improvement in the most difficult problem area that I have been struggling with for years--under eye bags.... read more >

Fran, 7 Dec 2007

"Last week I bought a Tua Spa. This was something I had been deliberating about for quite a while, but kept putting it off because of the cost. I have had a Tua Tre'nd for some time and I'm really pleased with the results, but the Tua spa is... read more >

Jacqui, Ipswich, 13 Feb 2013

BELLA MAGAZINE: [Tua Tre'nd] a neat little gizmo...Use it for around 20 minutes a few times a week and you should see results within weeks.... read more >

Bella Magazine, 28 Jul 2010


“I’m so pleased that I took the time to do one of Tina’s workshops. Not only did it iron out any concerns ie. Can I damage my face with this gadget [Tua Tre’nd] if I choose to be more creative with it? But also I loved... read more

Belinda Hayes, 26 Oct 2012

“I was uncertain about whether to spend what seemed like a huge amount on the Tua Tre’nd workshop but I can honestly say it was worth every penny. I learned how to use the Tre’nd to its maximum potential and as well as the... read more

Jan Bell, 26 Oct 2012

“I would recommend the whole workshop. Good location and venue. Comprehensive presentation and wide range of topics covered. No question left unanswered! I really appreciated that there was no ‘hard sell’ of any pro... read more

Lynn Chidwick, 26 Oct 2012

“Surprised to learn so much more information all round. Very enjoyable. Many thanks for a lovely afternoon.”... read more

Hannie Abrahams, 26 Oct 2012

“Loved the welcome from Tina and Kirsty, the demonstrations plus your observations. All tips were non-biased and all info was so honest. Love your ethos of beauty”.... read more

Mary Hynes, 26 Oct 2012

“I found the workshop very informative and inspiring – I looked at my face at the end of the workshop and it looked better than when I started the session – ‘a facelift’ in a workshop. Thank you – it’s been... read more

Virginia Byrne, 26 Oct 2012

"I am more than sure that without this workshop I'd not have got the results I have felt today. Absolutely fabulous - the advice has been "fan"ominal. The skincare advice is really good too. Particularly as it's done on such a... read more

Jo Steele, 31 Oct 2007

"It was very worthwhile to have practically individual tuition and a hands-on demonstration. Tina Richards is very "user-friendly" and does not make anyone feel uncomfortable or stupid."... read more

Suzanne Green, 9 Oct 2007

"Since I bought my Tua Viso machine in Feb 2007 I've often thought that to get the best from it a workshop or 1:1 tuition would be great. The machine is really good but its correct application is key. When I heard about this workshop I was very... read more

Maxine Pearson, 23 Sep 2007

"It was wonderful to meet Tina in the flesh. Tina looks nothing like she does on the video we see on the p.c... she's nicer and better looking!! We had such fun at the workshop. I would recommend the course to everyone, if Tina does manage to... read more

Arlene Ferne, 22 Aug 2007

"An informal and very informative experience with lots of valuable tips on products and proper use of the Tua Viso. Tina is a warm and extremely knowledgeable person and no question was the information too basic. The group experience was fun... read more

Brenda Barass, 22 Aug 2007

"As a consultant ophthalmic surgeon who has practiced in the United States for 20 years, it was incredibly refreshing to listen to skin and anti-ageing suggestions/recommendations that make sense and have some science back up. In a world where... read more

Ms Gail Reichert, 16 Aug 2007

"Spending most of my life in the harsh Australian environment, I have demanded more of my skin than some. I have always used face products, however buying my Tua Viso was the starting point in 'halting' the ageing process in its tracks. I... read more

Gina Thomas, 14 Aug 2007

"It was lovely to have met with Tina at last Thursday's workshop. I was a bit apprehensive about coming along as I'm 60 and I thought all the other course member would be younger and I would feel out of place. I could have been more wrong I was... read more

Maureen Jacks, 7 Aug 2007