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Tua Viso/Tua Tre'nd + Anti-Ageing Workshops

Interactive format allows you to meet Tina in person, pose your own questions and benefit from Tina's Tua Viso and Tua Tre’nd tuition and some individual independent advice about skincare.

Topics include:

  • Tua Viso/Tua Tre'nd Workout – demonstration & tuition
  • Anti-ageing Nutrition
  • Genuine ingredients advice from Tina about what to use and how to use it
  • You'll learn about hype-free anti-ageing strategies that work and some eye-opening truths
  • Q&A

Contact us at [email protected] to be added to our workshop priority waiting list.

More Information on Tua Viso/Tua Tre'nd Workshops

The Tina Richards Tua Viso/Tre’nd Anti-Ageing Workshop will include:

Tua Viso or Tua Tre’nd Workout: The majority of time is dedicated to instruction and personal tuition on how to use your Tua Viso or Tua Tre’nd most effectively. Extra hints and tips for best and fastest results.

Open discussion and interaction encouraged.

Anti-ageing Concerns: Tina will offer some general advice on anti-ageing products and treatments and answer your questions such as ‘Should I be using retinol?’, ‘Which sunscreen should I be using?’, ‘What about Thermage?’, ‘IPL?’

Genuinely ingredients-based advice: You will be given honest and frank advice on which products to use based on their ingredients.

Small group size (maximum 14): Allows for greater personal attention so that you maximise your time.

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Launch: Tina Richards' Tua Viso Workout DVD

In response to your many (and very appreciated) requests Tina Richards has launched an additional Tua Viso Workout DVD, inspired by the Tua Viso Workshops.

This DVD,  in which Tina takes you slowly step-by-step through the Tua Viso Workout , is mostly suited to those of you who want extra instruction over and above the supplied DVD and handbook.  Or, if you simply "don't do handbooks" or want motivation you are going to love this DVD .

The Tua Viso Workout DVD is an additional extra suitable for both Tua Viso beginners and long-time users.

To Hell in High Heels

Tina Richards contributed to Helena Frith Powell's hilarious yet very informative book on anti-ageing.

Book Description

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone: getting older. Some do it gracefully, others less so, but no one is immune to wrinkles and grey hair creeping up, seemingly overnight. And once they're there, they're hard to shift. Helena Frith Powell, fashion and lifestyle journalist extraordinaire, didn't even want to think about surrender.

Surely, something could be done about advancing age? Armed with potions, lotions and pills (as well as resorting to a few much more extreme measures), she sets out to investigate any and all anti-aging tricks out there. From green tea and fillers to yoga and exfoliating masks, "To Hell in High Heels" is the hilariously funny tale of one woman taking on the body clock, giving you a tried-and-tested survival guide for that ill-fated moment when the first wrinkle dares show its face.

About the Author

Helena Frith Powell is a regular contributor to the Sunday Times, where she writes the 'French Mistress' column, as well as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. She lives with her husband and their three children in the Languedoc region of southern France.


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